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Crystal Shults
8806 East 166th St. N
Collinsville, OK 74021
(918) 371-0451


Job Description

  1. Makes a recording of all Board meetings. A recorder, tapes, batteries, etc. will be provided by NPGA. Meeting tapes will be maintained for five years, then sent to the Business Manager for storage.

  2. Calls the roll, tallies and records all votes during Board meetings.

  3. Writes up two sets of minutes for all Board meetings, one complete and one without closed session material and lengthy discussions for publication.

  4. Prepares minutes and sends those drafts of minutes to other members of the Executive Committee for review within sixty days of the previous Boards meeting. Upon approval by the Executive Committee, copies of the complete version will be sent to all Directors for approval. Directors will be given 7 days to provide input. Upon approval by the majority of the Board members, copies of the published version will be sent to all committee chairs, the Memo Editor for publication, and the Webmaster for posting on NPGA’s website.

  5. Sends a written copy of both versions of the minutes to the Business Manager; the complete version to be sealed in an envelope marked “Release to the current President only.”

  6. Update the changes in the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, Show Rules, Motions (text and vote), Motion Index, Job Descriptions, and Articles of Incorporation after each Board of Directors meeting, and distribute those changes to the Board of Directors and appropriate chairpersons, coordinators and department heads within 30 days of change. (08-24)

  7. Maintains the original Official Motion Forms for the current year and the previous year. Sends older Official Motion Forms to the Business Manager for storage.

  8. Processes all motions made by mail according to procedures outlined in the Rules and Regulations.

  9. Takes care of all official Board correspondence and sends copies to the Business Manager at the end of the year.

  10. Sends an updated Director Notebook and a blank Director’s Agreement to each new director within 2 weeks of the announcement of the election results. Advises each new director to return the executed Director’s Agreement forthwith, but in no case later than January 1st of the ensuing year.

  11. As a member of the Executive Committee, approves all annual contracts and annual job evaluations.

  12. Shares in Executive Committee annual reimbursement by submitting expense receipts to the Central Office.

Revised 6/13


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