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Linda Shipley
8205 S.W. Mariners Dr.
Wilsonville, OR 97070
(541) 944-3214

Job Description

  1. Holds responsibility for the administration of the financial affairs of the Association, and designates the Business Manager as his/her assistant to receive, receipt for, and keep all cash, financial notes and other credits of NPGA.

  2. Receives from the Business Manager and reviews the cash receipts journal, cash disbursements journal, copy of payroll sheet, copies of all bills, copies of tax forms filed or taxes paid, copies of bank statements & reconciliation sheets, copy of check register for all accounts. (These to be submitted monthly.)

  3. Receives from the Business Manager and reviews quarterly financials, making recommendations as necessary.

  4. Notifies the Executive Board immediately of any required reporting or documentation that is more than five days overdue.

  5. Works with the Business Manager on the development of annual budgets and financial reports prior to Board meetings.

  6. Contacts NPGA’s Accountant once a year for an informal assessment of the Association’s financial health and practices.

  7. Works with the President and Business Manager in the decision-making process on authorizing new expenditures and recommending means for increasing revenues.

  8. Presents detailed financial reports with assessment of current budget status and recommendations at each Board meeting.

  9. Serves as financial advisor to MEMO Editor and Merchandise Department Head.

  10. Countersigns checks over $3000.00.

  11. Keeps a copy of all contracts and presents them for review at the January Board meeting.

  12. As a member of the Executive Committee, approves all annual contracts and annual job evaluations.

  13. Shares in Executive Committee annual reimbursement by submitting expense receipts to the Central Office.


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