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Job Description

  1. Must hold an individual or family membership in NPGA and be at least 18 years of age.

  2. Remain a member in good standing (dues paid as of Oct. 1).  Should a Director's dues lapse (i.e. remain unpaid by the end of the calendar quarter in which they are due), the Director's membership will be automatically terminated and concurrently the position will be declared vacant.  The Vacancy Replacement Director shall immediately take office.  Should the Director wish to reverse those actions, they must rejoin NPGA and participate in a future Director election.

  3. Be prepared to accept some financial commitment without compensation, including costs other than travel associated with Board meeting attendance. (See R & R, para 4L)

  4. Sign and adhere to the duties and responsibilities in the Director’s Agreement. This agreement must be executed prior to assuming the duties of the office (January 1st after initially elected to the Board). Failure to do so will result in not being able to participate in Board activities including travel reimbursement, or vote on matters before the Board.

  5. Attend all regular and special meetings of the Board, as well as the membership meeting at the Convention.

  6. Submit agenda items to the President at least 6 weeks prior to any Board meeting, including a brief description or explanation of the items. Use Agenda Item submission form.

  7. Participate in a sexual harassment training program.

  8. Determine and present those views, opinions and policies which reflect the objectives and philosophies of your entire region.

  9. Represent NPGA as a whole, and vote in accordance with its best interests.

  10. Report to regional members on Board activities but without breaching the confidentiality of closed session discussions and information.

  11. At all times maintain an objective stance on all problems, conditions, situations and controversies, whether within your region or while representing your region.

  12. Attend and participate in as many pygmy goat related activities in your region as possible.

  13. Be available to members not only in your region but in the entire organization. Listen and help whenever possible.

  14. Stay informed on what members should know: how to get merchandise, publications, etc. or who to call or write to for information.

  15. Write at least two Regional Reflection pieces annually for MEMO to report from or to your regional members, including any committee member openings for that region.

  16. All directors shall have access to the Judge's Portal.

  17. Updated 6/2014


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