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National Pygmy Goat Association
Board of Directors Meeting
June 7-8, 2012
Fr Worth, TX

I  Call to Order

II.  Officer Reports

A.  President

B.  Vice President

C.  Secretary

D.  Treasurer

III .  Central Office Report

IV.  Standing Committee Reports

A.  Breed Standard (Wortham)

B.  Health, Education & Research (Orlando)

1.  USDA Animal Traceability Program (formerly NAIS) (Hoyt)               

C.  Judges Training (Kress)

D.  Public Relations (Josephson)

E.  Publications (Leman)

1.  Webmaster (Leman)           

F.  Youth (McClelland)

V.  Coordinator Reports

A.  Affiliated Clubs (Adams)

B.  Election (vacant)

C.  Show (S. Seiler)

D.  Report of Awards (Smith)             

VI.  Department Reports

A.  MEMO Editor (McStotts)

B.  Merchandise (Clooney)

VII .  Compliance Committee Report (Clooney)

VIII.  Historical Ad Hoc Committee Report (Sisco)

IX.  Old Business 

A.  Sexual Harassment Training Program for Directors & Judges.  (Fraser/Seiler)

B.  Budget Discussion –

1.  Airfare expense reduction (Shipley)

2.  Teleconferencing (Seiler/O’Kelly)

3.  Changing size of award ribbons

C.  Report on Ad Hoc Committee in re: Hormel System

X.  New Business

A.  Amend RR 1.A - location of January Board Meeting (Hoyt)

B.  Motion to adopt Hormel system (Atkins)

C.  Amend RR 4.J   - Color registration procedure (Seiler)

D.  Amend RR 10.C.  – Judging Clinic (Seiler)

E.  Amend Compliance Chair’s job description (Seiler)

F.  Motion to donate Sanction to 2012 National Goat Expo (Fraser)

G.  Amend RR 11.C.5 – eligibility for director (Fraser)

H.  Amend RR 9.C.1 – amend timing of compliance action (Shunney)

I.  Amend Wether Certification - clarification (O’Kelly)    

XI.    Bid for 2013 National Convention in Region 5

XII.   January 2012 Board Meeting Site Selection

XIII.  Selection of the Volunteer of the Year for FY 2011

XIV.  Approval of Annual Contracts (Clooney, Leman, Lowell, McStotts)

XV.   Adjournment

Click here for a printable copy of the agenda.



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