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Volunteer of the Year

Each year, the NPGA Board of Directors names a Volunteer of the Year at the annual NPGA Convention.  This individual is recognized for his or her service to NPGA and the pygmy goat breed.

2017 David Wortham
Olivehurst, California
2016 Gina Miller Ferndale, California
2015 April Seiler Peoria, Arizona
2014 Grant Rogers Marysville, Indiana
2013 Jose Torres Phoenix, Arizona
2012 Tammi Josephson Cottonwood, California
2011 Jason Overman, DVM Centreville, Virginia
2010 Ray Hoyt Minden, Nevada
2009 Aaron Esterline
Nic Everett
Vassar, Michigan
Meadow Vista, California
2008 Maggie Leman Durham, North Carolina
2007 Andy Nash Dallas, Georgia
2006 Wanda Hook Baytown, Texas
2005 Pat Kaufmann Los Lunas, New Mexico
2004 Linda Carpenter Oregon City, Oregon
2003 Ray Hoyt Minden, Nevada
2002 Aaron Esterline Breckenridge, Michigan
2001 Donna Elkins Jamul, California
2000 Lynn Koppelman Seneca, Illinois
1999 Keith Harrell Kinston, North Carolina
1998 Dori Lowell Snohomish, Washington
1997 Kay Orlando Salem, Oregon
1996 Teresa Sutton Polo, Illinois
1995 Gayle Skoff  Santa Rosa, California
1994 Maxine Kinne Washougal, Washington
1993 Gloria Scheib Walnut Cove, North Carolina
Judy Veale
Gloria Scheib
Rehoboth, Massachusetts
Walnut Cove, North Carolina
1991 Dona & Rolland Salisbury Colfax, California
1990 Tim Norman Sonoma, California
1989 Marilyn Morse Newcastle, California

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