About NPGA

History & Mission

Founded in 1976, NPGA is divided into eight regions. Each region elects two members to the board of directors. Each director is responsible for carrying on the business of the Association, and to take action on matters brought to their attention by the membership. Each January the board of directors elects four officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Several standing committees are in place and given special responsibilities in the business of the Association. These committees are composed of a chairperson plus a nucleus of members with rotating terms. Other positions are filled by coordinators who are responsible for performing specific activities on a routine basis.

Each NPGA licensed judge must earn their license by completing a written examination and passing a hands-on Judges Training Seminar which tests understanding of the breed standard, ring procedure, and oral presentation skills.​

We have many Affiliated Clubs across the United States, Australia, and Europe. The members of these clubs are promoting pygmy goats on a local level by sponsoring workshops, clinics, exhibits and sanctioned pygmy goat shows. Joining a local club is a great way to meet pygmy goat owners and breeders in your area.


To support the Pygmy Goat in the United States by collecting and disseminating information, protecting the breed standard, and recording their lineage through our registry.


  • Facilitate communication and cooperation among breeders and researchers;
  • Encourage the breeding and registering of characteristic Pygmy Goats;
  • Establish regional affiliate clubs;
  • Gather and disseminate practical and theoretical knowledge of the Pygmy Goat;
  • Promote and popularize the breed by exposure and through publications;
  • Facilitate the registration of certified Pygmy Goat seed stock and their offspring.