National Pygmy Goat Day

April 23rd is National Pygmy Goat Day

The Board of Directors for the National Pygmy Goat Association has declared April 23rd National Pygmy Goat Day! Join us as we celebrate the anniversary of the NPGA and promote awareness of the pygmy goat breed.

Ways you can be involved:

  • Contact your local Chamber of Commerce, Farm Bureau, 4-H Extension Office, or FFA chapter about promoting or providing information on local pygmy goat clubs and the National Pygmy Goat Association.
  • Request state-level recognition of National Pygmy Goat Day by state governors and/or legislators.
  • Participate in National Pygmy Goat Day activities with other breeders or independently. Consider a “meet and greet” at your local feed store, school, or assisted living facility.
  • Arrange an interview about pygmy goats. Write an article about pygmy goats and submit it to the editor of your local newspaper. Inform the newspaper of any local pygmy goat events.
  • Have a display at a shopping mall or farmer’s market featuring live kids, brochures, and a map of the area with pins locating breeders with strings from the pins to the address and phone number of each breeder.
  • Post on social media using the hashtag #NationalPygmyGoatDay.

Feel free to use any of the photos below to help promote National Pygmy Goat Day on all your social media channels!