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Kathy Griffiths
17975 Placer Hills Rd.
Meadow Vista, CA  95722

Job Description

  1. Maintains a current listing of all known local, regional and state pygmy goat clubs across the country, solicits their individual participation as an NPGA Affiliated Club, and provides a communication link between these clubs and NPGA. (07-07)

  2. Solicits the following information from NPGA Affiliated Clubs (upon requesting affiliation or as changes occur):

    a. Name, mailing address, and website address (if applicable) of the club.  (07-07)

    b. A statement that the contact person is an active member of NPGA, in addition to the contact personís name, address, phone number and email address.  (07-07)

    c. A statement that the club agrees to support the By-laws, Rules and Regulations, and Code of Ethics of the NPGA.  (07-07)

  3. Provides the Business Manager, MEMO Editor and the Webmaster with updated additions and changes to the Affiliated Clubs list immediately upon receipt.  (07-07)

  4. Furnishes the MEMO Editor with a one-page, camera-ready article that promotes Affiliated Clubs at least once each year.  (07-07)

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