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Coordinator Job Description

  1. All Coordinators will report to and be supervised by the Business Manager.
  2. All Coordinators must be members in good standing (dues paid as of Oct 1). Should a coordinator’s dues lapse (i.e. remain unpaid by the end of the calendar quarter in which they are due), the coordinator’s membership will be automatically terminated and concurrently the coordinator position will be declared vacant. Should the coordinator wish to reverse those actions, s/he must rejoin NPGA and reapply for the position.
  3. Coordinators shall keep a current inventory of materials belonging to NPGA and each January a full inventory list shall be sent to the Vice-President and Business Manager. The inventory shall be verified and returned to the Business Manager within 30 days if there is a change in coordinators.
  4. Coordinators shall provide a written report to the Business Manager one month prior to any regular Board meeting, listing their activities, accomplishments, goals and budget updates. The January report to the Business Manager will include a financial statement for the previous year and a forecast for the upcoming year.
  5. Coordinators shall review the Minutes following each Board meeting and comply with all actions affecting them.
  6. The Business Manager will advise those coordinators who receive budget allocations of the amount budgeted immediately after the January Board meeting. The Business Manager and Treasurer will be contacted if expenses are going to exceed the approved budget.
  7. Coordinators with budgets will submit to the Business Manager by November 1 a request for reimbursement for the following expenses directly related to NPGA business:
    a) Telephone calls (include phone bill, with person called and subject indicated)
    b) Postage (include receipts)
    c) Photocopying (include receipts)
    d) Miscellaneous office supplies (include receipts)
  8. Coordinators may form a committee of NPGA members to assist them with their work should they so desire. Coordinators shall retain ultimate responsibility and decision making authority based on the direction provided by the Business Manager and the Board of Directors.
  9. Coordinators shall send copies of any documents or reports generated, with dates, to the Central Office for addition to the NPGA Archives.
  10. Coordinators will prepare a Policy and Procedures document which includes hardcopy and computer directives, forms, and other relevant material used in the execution of their duties and responsibilities. These Policy and Procedures documents shall be submitted to the Business Manager in either paper or electronic form. The Business Manager shall make them available to Board members at Board meetings and at other times upon request. (08-11, 08-21).
  11. All coordinators are encouraged to prepare an article for publication in MEMO once a year.

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