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Shanna Breeding
3248 E 3700 N
Kimberly, ID 83341

Job Description

  1. Must be thoroughly familiar with, and conduct duties in accordance with, the most current set of Show Rules. (08-18)

  2. Receives Reports of Award forms for each sanctioned show and records the results in NPGA’s database. Follows up with Judges who have not submitted their forms within 30 days of the show. (08-18)

  3. After verification of champion win eligibility, prints and mails all Certificates described in paragraph L of the Rules for Official Shows to the owners of the respective goats.  Includes a printed letter to inform the owner of any restrictions to their eligibility to show in future NPGA shows.  Previously won Master Champion and National Champion certificates will be issued to owners at $5 per certificate.  (08-18, 11-30)

  4. No less than quarterly, files a statement of expenses for reimbursement (with receipts attached) to the NPGA Business Manager. (08-18)

  5. Annually sends a list of new PGCHs to the NPGA Business Manager and MEMO Editor. (08-18)

  6. Annually sends the processed Report of Award forms to the NPGA Business Manager for storage in the archives. (08-18)

  7. Receives a $400 cash stipend yearly, to be paid July 1st each year, for work performed during the previous 12 month period. (08-19)

  8. Revised 6/11




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