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Susan Seiler
22425 N 91st Ave.
Peoria, AZ 85383


Job Description

  1. Must be thoroughly familiar with, and conduct duties in accordance with, the most current set of Show Rules.

  2. Receives and approves show sanction applications.

  3. Mails Report of Award form(s), Show Rules and other relevant information, and NPGA rosettes to the local chair of each sanctioned show. (08-18)

  4. Ensures that National Champion Trophies are sent to the National Convention Host. (08-18)

  5. With the assistance of the webmaster, maintains the list of sanctioned shows on the NPGA website. Provides a current list of sanctioned shows to the MEMO editor by the deadline for each issue of MEMO.

  6. Orders the necessary supply of champion rosettes, keeping a sufficient stock on hand for reshipment to local show chairs. Works with the Treasurer and Business Manager to determine appropriate order size and timing. Selects the specifications for champion ribbons, orders the ribbons, and submits the bill to the Business Manager. (08-18)

  7. Monthly files a report with the Business Manager, to include:
    a) a statement of sanction applications received during the period, with payment attached. (08-18)
    b) a statement of expenses, with receipts attached. (08-18)

  8. Budgets for, and includes in bi-annual reports to the Board, the costs of rosettes and National Champion Trophies. (08-18)

  9. Annually sends the processed sanction application forms to the NPGA Business Manager for storage in the archives. (08-18)

  10. Receives complaints pertaining to the management of NPGA-sanctioned shows which do not allege violations of the NPGA Code of Ethics, Code of Ethics for Judges, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and/or Rules for Official Shows. These latter cases will be processed as described in the Rules and Regulations. The complaints handled by the Show Coordinator will be processed with every effort expended to reach a satisfactory settlement. If no settlement can be reached, a recommended disposition will be forwarded to the Vice-President via the Business Manager.

  11. Receives a $600 cash stipend yearly, to be paid July 1st each year, for work performed during the previous 12 month period. (08-19)

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