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Dori Lowell
1932 - 149th Ave. SE
Snohomish, WA 98290
Fax: 425-334-5447

Job Description

    • Date stamps incoming mail (date received), meters and prepares outgoing mail for pick-up.  Registry work to be turned around in 7 calendar days.
    • Processes registrations, transfers, herd names, certificate corrections, and progeny stickers (mails and files).
    • Fill orders for NPGA forms and publications, gift certificates, labels, pedigrees, herd name lists, and herdbooks & updates.
    • Checks and records PGCH names submitted by Show Chair.
    • Selects a committee of NPGA members knowledgeable about Breed requirements and leads the committee in performing the following tasks:
    a. Identifies animals with questionable registration eligibility.
        b. Prepares photos and limited information on goat in question to be submitted to
        c.  Polls committee members on eligibility of said animal. Use of email is encouraged,
            but hard copy mail may also be utilized.
        d. Notifies applicant of Committee’s decision.
        e. Maintains records on all animals reviewed
        f.  Reports twice yearly to the board on how many animals have been processed and
            passed or failed.


    • Processes mail as above. All non-registry work to be handled within 14 calendar days.
    • Processes new applications, sends literature to potential members.
    • Answers telephone calls, provides information on NPGA and/or Pygmy goats, any needed assistance on paperwork, and reads & responds to e-mail.


    • Keeps NPGA books current, makes bank deposits, pays bill promptly (obtaining a joint signature for amounts over $3,000.00).
    • Prepares information for payroll and submits to accountant.


    • Backs up NPGA records daily and complies with disaster backup protocol.
    • Makes a log of daily activities (functions performed; time spent) to submit monthly.
    • Purchases supplies and inventory to maintain the Central Office. Maintains a stock of NPGA publications.
    • Updates Central Office forms as needed.
    • Arranges for qualified Central Office coverage when absent for longer than one week.
    • Maintains published office and telephone hours in MEMO. Reports immediately to the President on any deviation in published schedule.


    • Keeps the President informed of the location and access to archives material.
    • Acquires and safely stores all records of value which pertain to the conducting of business as well as the historical development of NPGA. These include NPGA documents: Articles of Incorporation, ByLaws, Rules and Regulations, Show Rules, the Procedures Manual and Job Descriptions. Also to be included are computer disk back-up tapes, Newsletters, MEMOs, tapes and minutes from Board meetings, motions, the Breed Standard, training manuals and all other publications produced by the organization.
    • Identifies, categorizes, and evaluates NPGA pictures, articles, records etc. submitted by any individual. All material not added to the collection will be returned to the donor.
    • Makes retrieval of materials available to authorized users. Authorization shall be given by the Executive Committee. Some materials will not be accessible to members owing to their confidential nature.
    • Charges for materials retrieved will be the amount necessary to cover the cost of copying and shipping.

    Membership and Registry
    • Prepare herdbook, membership and show data and submits to webmaster for online herdbook

    • Reconciles bank statements.
    • Receives and records Merchandise monthly activity, posts to Central Office Financial software.
    • Submits copies of financial reports and paid bills to the Treasurer.
    • Ensures that monthly tax forms are filed.

    Membership and Registry
    • Submits to MEMO Notes from the Central Office, lists of new members and herd names, any office schedules announcements, referrals for the Booster Contest, and Central Office order form. Also sends a mailing disk, foreign and 1st class labels and envelopes.

    • Pays contract fee to MEMO Editor upon notification that an issue has gone to the printer.

    Membership and Registry
    • Sends membership dues renewals in the 1st of January, April, July and October.
    • Sends out 2nd notice for renewals 1st of March, June, September and December.

    • Run Verification program on registry. Research and correct any errors found.

    • Submits a written report to the Board on membership, registry statistics, and other relevant central office activity. This report is to be sent to the Vice President one month prior to any regular board meeting.
    • Attends Board meetings as a non-voting participant (travel reimbursed).
    • Prepares travel expense report on Directors, judges, etc. and reimburses those owed travel monies for the meetings.
    • Working with the Parliamentarian, or in the absence of a parliamentarian with the Secretary, ensures update and maintenance of all motions, index of motions, Rules & Regulations, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation, and see that Directors receive current copies.
    • Maintains the Motion Index and the full text list of Motions.  Distributes updated copies electronically to the Board of Directors.

    • Updates and prints (CD, disk and tape) Herdbook and sends copy to Archives.
    • Prepares paper version of herdbook update on March 1st.

    • Prepare and submit the Declaration of Non-Profit Status annually.

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