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Amber Genda, DVM
806 W 1350 N
Milford, IN 46542

Job Description

  1. Develops educational materials for the membership related to Pygmy goat health and husbandry, and publishes articles on these topics in MEMO. (Other media may be utilized if authorized by the Board and accommodated by the budget.)

  2. Acts as a consultant to the Board and other Committees in matters regarding Pygmy goat health and longevity, assisting them in developing educational materials and notifying them of specific concerns or emergency issues that may require immediate attention.

  3. Collects data in order to set research priorities to advance knowledge of the Pygmy goat.

  4. Recommends the institution of formal and informal projects and surveys as a need becomes apparent, with the results being made available to the Board and membership.

  5. Reviews, or has qualified professional(s) review all materials relevant to health and husbandry developed by NPGA, or outside sources for use by NPGA.

  6. Maintains a regular communication with the Breed Standard and the Judges Training Committee.

  7. Shall be responsible for the creation and implementation of guidelines containing the necessary policies and procedures for use of AI within NPGA.

  8. Promotes the increase of knowledge on the use of AI for interested breeders.

  9. Committee chairs shall sign a statement at the bottom of both the NPGA Committee Chairs job description and the particular job description for their respective committees that they have read, understand and will comply with their job descriptions.

  10. Revised 6/13




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