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Carol Shea-Hepner
29637 E 1500 North Rd.
Colfax, IL 61728
(815) 325-5587

Job Description

  1. Actively recruits members and non-members who are interested in obtaining a NPGA judge's license.

  2. Provides mentoring and training programs for those pursuing a NPGA judge's license.

  3. Tests candidates in the skills required for licensing as judges, including the administration of:
    a. Written portion of the judge’s examination.
    b. Training provided during Judging Exam.
    c. Practical portion of the judge’s examination held during the JE.
    d. Sexual Harassment Training for all candidates during the JE.

  4. Awards NPGA Judge's License to those candidates who meet the licensing requirements.

  5. Updates the Judging Manual as necessary to reflect changes to the Breed Standard, Guidelines for Judging Pygmy Goats, Judges Code of Ethics, Show Rules and Judging Exams.

  6. Updates the Showmanship Manual as necessary to reflect changes, provide clarification and add information.

  7. Monitors and maintains the quality of NPGA judging by means including the following:
    a. Updates and monitors the continuing education of judges.
    b. Informs judges of decisions made by the Board, the JTC or other NPGA Committees that affect judges or judging standards.
    c. Receives and evaluates complaints pertaining to the competence of a judge. Complaints received which allege violations of the Code of Ethics for Judges will be returned for proper filing as outlined in the Rules and Regulations. Competence complaints, including those received from the Breed Standard Committee dealing with breed standard interpretation issues, will be processed by the Judges Training Committee as outlined in the latest version of the Judges Training Handbook.

  8. Maintains a status record of all judges, including new licensees: annual license renewals, name changes, addresses (including E-Mail), phone numbers, and any restrictions on availability.

  9. Keeps on file the completed judges application, sexual harassment training status, an information sheet on any discipline exacted against that judge, any correspondence received regarding the judge (commendations, complaints, etc.), evaluations of the judge, and forms documenting their completion of any continuing training/education.

  10. Informs the Business Manager, Webmaster, Show Coordinator, and MEMO Editor of any changes to the list of active licensed judges.   Provides the same information to the Business Manager for publication in the NPGA Roster.

  11. Provides articles to MEMO relating to the licensing process and the Judging Exams, maintaining a NPGA judge's license, and judging shows.

  12. Works with the Breed Standard Committee on any revisions to the Guidelines for Judging Pygmy Goats, as well as with the Health, Education & Research Committee.

  13. Committee chairs shall sign a statement at the bottom of both the NPGA Committee Chairs job description and the particular job description for their respective committees that they have read, understand and will comply with their job descriptions.

  14. Revised 6/13




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