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Lisa Salmi
1098 Chestnut Grove Rd.
Boone, NC 28607
(828) 264-4732

Job Description

  1. Selects a committee as outlined in paragraph 8.A of the Rules and Regulations. In addition, the MEMO Editor and Webmaster, who are appointed by the President, will serve as members of the committee, as specified in paragraph 8.L.1 of the Rules and Regulations. (09-17)

  2. Offers knowledge/advice to the Board and relevant committees regarding NPGA publications.

  3. Reviews and edits all material published under the auspices of the National Pygmy Goat Association.  All requests for copy or reprint permission as specified in Rules and Regulations, paragraph 15.D, or instances of copyright infringement, will be referred to the Publications Committee Chair for resolution. (08-09)

  4. Reviews and approves any new website information prior to its being placed on the website. Excluded from this requirement are updates to existing material (name changes, addresses, etc.) that are produced by the Board of Directors or have already been approved by the Board of Directors. (13-30)

  5. Develops recommendations for new publications or improvements to existing ones, and implements these with the approval of the NPGA Board.

  6. Prepares a list of contents for the NPGA Roster and submits this list to the publisher/coordinator far enough in advance of the publication date to allow for compilation of the requested material.

  7. Make Board approved changes to official NPGA publications to ensure they stay up to date. Make sure all publication master copies have the Rules and Regulations, Rules for Official Shows, Bylaws, Breed Standard, Judging Scorecards, etc. updated. (09-28)

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Webmaster Job Description


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