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Maggie Leman
1205 Olive Branch Road
Durham, NC 27703
(919) 596-0984

Job Description

  1. Appointed by the President and approved by the Board.

  2. Provides the Publications Committee Chairperson, Business Manager, and Vice- President with current Internet account information, including billing information and password(s).

  3. Shall work with the Publications Committee to maintain the website based on Board directives, including obtaining approval from a majority of the Executive Committee for all new information including links and banner advertisements.

  4. Website updates will be done a minimum of once a month.

  5. Adds new web pages based on Board directives.

  6. Recommends additions or changes based on new technology, user input, etc.

  7. Provides a written report to the Vice-President one month prior to any regular Board meeting, listing the activities, accomplishments, goals and budget updates of the position.

  8. Shall review the minutes following each Board meeting and comply with all actions affecting them.

  9. The January report to the Board will include a financial statement for the previous year and a forecast for the upcoming year.

  10. Maintains listing with current main Internet search browsers.

  11. Forwards all email not directly related to website maintenance to the Vice-President for distribution.

  12. Agrees that all NPGA Website work and content is the property of NPGA.

  13. Will execute an annual independent contractor agreement with the NPGA to be effective each July 1.

  14. Revised 6/2013


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