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Maggie Leman
1205 Olive Branch Rd.
Durham, NC  27703
919 596 0984

Job Description

  1. The MEMO Editor will be supervised by the Vice-President.

  2. Abides by all terms set forth in his/her contractual agreement with NPGA and receives     compensation pursuant to the Board approved contract.

  3. Is not eligible to be a Director.

  4. Holds the primary responsibility for producing a well-balanced, interesting, quality magazine and for mailing it to members in a timely manner, according to a pre-set publication schedule.

  5. Procures relevant magazine copy by methods such as contacting individuals, organizations, and other sources which are professional and knowledgeable in the areas of veterinary medicine, management and care.

  6. Ascertains that any material submitted is the legal property of the submitter, or that proper permission has been granted NPGA for its reuse.  Obtaining permission from special sources (e.g. local newspapers) is the responsibility of the submitter; blanket permission for commonly used sources is the responsibility of the Editor.

  7. Edits carefully, excluding any potentially libelous statements or copyrighted material for which permission to reprint has not been granted.

  8. May choose a Show Results Editor for that portion of the magazine, but holds ultimate responsibility for the quality of all copy.

  9. Submits the magazine in camera-ready form to the printer, but may contract with the printer for special services such as enhancing photos or problem copy, or doing paid advertisement layout.

  10. Sends out reminders to all Directors guidelines for Regional Reflections input.  (10-11)

  11. Assists advertisers as necessary, receives ad payments and forwards these on a bimonthly basis to the Central Office.

  12. Maintains records of payments and advertising balances due members, including expiration dates on Breeders’ Listings.  Sends renewal notices to regular advertisers at NPGA’s expense.  Sends advertising income to the Central Office quarterly.  (10-11)

  13. Editor shall keep a current inventory of materials belonging to NPGA and each January a full inventory copy shall be sent to the Vice-President and the Central Office.  The inventory shall also be verified and passed along within 30 days at any time that there is a change in Editors.

  14. The Editor shall provide a written report to the Vice-President one month prior to any regular Board meeting, listing the activities, accomplishments, goals and budget updates.  The January report to the Board will include a financial statement for the previous year and a forecast for the upcoming year.

  15. Editor shall review the Minutes following each Board meeting and comply with all actions affecting her/her.

  16. The Vice-President will advise the Editor of the amount budgeted immediately after the January Board meeting.  The Vice-President will be contacted if expenses are going to exceed the approved budget.

  17. Editor will prepare a Policy and Procedures document which includes hardcopy and computer directives, forms, and other relevant material used in the execution of his/her duties and responsibilities.  This Policy and Procedures document shall be submitted to the Vice-President, with a copy to the Central Office, in either paper or electronic form.  The Vice-President shall make it available to Board members at Board meetings and at other times upon request.  (08-11, 08-21).

  18. Revised 6/10



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