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Becky Adams
181 W Kelly Rd
Shelton, WA 98584

Job Description

  1. The Merchandise Department Head will be supervised by the Vice-President.

  2. Shall abide by all terms set forth in his/her contractual agreement with NPGA renewed annually in June.

  3. Keeps informed of suppliers who can provide the best merchandise at the best price for NPGA to sell, and is constantly looking for new products to replace or add to old items.

  4. Achieves familiarity with the screening process used to place our logo on merchandise.

  5. Obtains and keeps in supply all items needed for mailing orders.

  6. Fills orders from clubs or individuals, mailing them out in a timely manner by UPS or USPS (including both show and wholesale kits, as well as NPGA Publications).

  7. Keeps a log of merchandise, both on hand and out-going.

  8. Responsible for coordinating with the MEMO Editor to keep a one-page ad in MEMO including current prices, and with the Webmaster to ensure the merchandise information on the NPGA website is complete and current.  Review with the Editor and Webmaster at least quarterly or when changes occur.

  9. Coordinates the sales activities of authorized NPGA members for sales of NPGA merchandise.

  10. Maintains a Merchandise Bank Account and checkbook, with the Business Manager, President or Treasurer as co-signer on checks over $3000.00.

  11. Prepares and sends monthly to the Business Manager, by the 15th of each month, reports which include balanced copies of the check register, copies of bank statements, and a breakdown of sales, shipping, handling, freight, and postage charges, and sales tax where applicable.

  12. Prepares a detailed yearly report for the January Board meeting to the Vice-President showing current inventory, profit and loss statement, new products upcoming, costs to obtain and the selling prices of existing products, and any increase in shipping costs.

  13. Submits to the Vice-President each January for the Board meeting a full inventory of all Department material and equipment belonging to NPGA (exclusive of sales inventory).

  14. Submits a written Department report to the Vice-President one month prior to each Board meeting; the January report will include a financial statement for the previous year and forecast for the upcoming year.

  15. The Vice-President will advise the Merchandise Department Head of the amount budgeted immediately after the January Board meeting.  The Vice-President will be contacted if expenses are going to exceed the approved amount.

  16. Will prepare a Policy and procedures document which includes hardcopy and computer directives, forms, and other relevant material used in the execution of his/her duties and responsibilities.  This Policy and Procedures document shall be submitted to the Vice-President, with a copy to the Central Office, in either paper or electronic form.  The Vice-President shall make it available to Board members at Board meetings and at other times upon request.  (08-11, 08-21) 

  17. Revised 6/11



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