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Diana Woodward
PO Box 63
Hermistan, OR 97838
(541) 379-5100

Job Description

  1. Assumes all presidential duties when the President is unable to perform them.

  2. Reviews minutes and approves them prior to publication.

  3. Responds to all communications from members or others in a timely manner.

  4. Supervises all committee chairs, task force heads and department heads.

  5. Provides the President with a list of chairpersons and terms. In the case of a chair replacement or term rotation will submit a list of upcoming rotations or vacancies to MEMO editor as follows: January appointments in the Fall and Winter Issues, Convention Meeting appointments in the Spring and Summer Issues. The Vice-President will advertise the opening in MEMO, send job descriptions to applicants, and supply the President with resumes and references from applicants. (06-13, 07-3)

  6. Keeps on file applications for positions not currently open.

  7. Solicits all committee and other reports at least 6-8 weeks prior to a Board meeting and mails copies of these reports to all Directors for review before the meeting, and a copy of each to the Business Manager.

  8. After the January Board meeting, notifies each Committee Chair or Department Head of that personís approved calendar year budget.

  9. After each Board meeting, notifies each Committee Chair, task force head, and Department Head of motions or decisions affecting them.

  10. Maintains and updates the Job Descriptions.

  11. Works with the Business Manager to update and maintain the Procedures Manual.

  12. As a member of the Executive Committee, approves all annual contracts and agreements

  13. Shares in Executive Committee annual reimbursement by submitting expense receipts to the Central Office.

  14. Receives current Internet account information, including billing information and account passwords.

  15. Manages the filing, processing and tracking of complaints according to the Compliance Procedure as outlined in the Rules and Regulations.

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