Playground for Pygmies

by Maggie Leman

One reward of raising Pygmies is the entertainment they provide when they play. From a large window in the house, I enjoy my kids’ playground antics. Provide a playground, and that is where kids will meet!

Most of the toys and equipment they enjoy is simple to install or build. Old tires, set upright at varying depths in the ground, 18” to 24” apart, make ideal jumping challenges. Young kids race through them until they become well enough coordinated to join the balancing and jumping games taking place on top.

A teeter-totter, made from a 2” x 6” and an old log, is another favorite. Avoid too long a cross board so there is not a lot of weight or height for a kid to get caught and hurt underneath.

Two posts in the ground with a 2” x 6” across the top attracts many customers. Three fairly large logs, cut at different heights and placed together, also draws attention. Great for “King of the Mountain” games.

[. . .]

Nature occasionally provides a favorite athletic pastime. In the process of cleaning up a fallen tree, I realized that this was where the little ones gathered each morning to play. I left the log to provide hours of entertainment and exercise for generations of youngsters. [Be sure fallen debris is non-toxic.]

If you have a choice of locations, the playground should be where it catches the morning sun and afternoon shade. [. . .]

Excerpts from:
Kinne, Maxine, ed. Pygmy Goats: Best of Memo 3 (1988-1996)
National Pygmy Goat Association: pp 39

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