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Tattoo Letters

by Dori Lowell

The tattoo prefix is tattooed into the right ear or right side of the tail web of all goats you register. Into the left ear or tail web goes a letter and number combination that identifies each goat. Each left tattoo is different.

If you buy a bred doe, the kids born must carry the herdname of the person who bred and sold the doe pregnant. You may use your tattoo prefix on kids which are born while you own the dam.

An example of the tattoo numbering system would be as follows:

The letter E identifies kids born in the year 2014. E1 would be your first kid born in 2014, E2 would be the second, E3 the third and so on. When a new year begins your numbering begins with the number one again.

2010 = A 2014 = E 2018 = K 2022 = P 2026 = V
2011 = B 2015 = F 2019 = L 2023 = R 2027 = W
2012 = C 2016 = H 2020 = M

2024 = S

2028 = X
2013 = D 2017 = J 2021 = N 2025 = T 2029 = Y
  2030 = Z

The letters G, I, O, Q, & U are skipped.



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