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National Pygmy Goat Association
Board of Directors Meeting
January 11-12, 2014
Phoenix, AZ

I. Call to Order, Welcome

II. Officer Reports

A. President

B. Vice President

C. Secretary

D. Treasurer

III. Election of Officers

IV. Approval of Minutes January 2013 and June 2013

V. Central Office Report

VI. Standing Committee Reports

A. Breed Standard (Wortham)

B. Health, Education & Research (Orlando)

C. Judges Training (O'Kelly)

D. Public Relations (Josephson)

E. Publications (Leman)

1. Webmaster (Leman)

F. Youth (Klenke)

VII. Coordinator Reports

A. Affiliated Clubs (Adams)

B. Election (Crowder)

C. Show (S.Seiler)

D. Report of Awards (Fisher)

VIII. Department Reports

A. MEMO Editor (King)

B. Merchandise (Adams)

IX. Compliance Committee Report (Norman)

X. Compliance Hearing(s)

XI. Ad Hoc - Historical Committee (Sicso)

XII. Ad Hoc - Website Design, Online Reports (?)

XIII. Ad Hoc - Meeting of Member Committees (Stettler)

XIV. Ad Hoc - Business Between Meetings/Teleconference (Stettler)

XV. Ad Hoc - Appeals of Decisions to Board (Fraser)

XVI. Ad Hoc - USDA Activities (Hoyt)

XVII. Ad Hoc - Options for Different Color Patterns (Overman)

XVIII. Old Business

A. Amend section 5.2 of the Bylaws; paragraphs 3, 8, and 9G of the Rules and Regulations; and paragraph 8 of the Presidentís Job Description for clarification of the types of committee. (Hoyt)

B. Amend section 3.1 of the Bylaws regarding meetings in order to more completely comply with Washington Nonprofit Corporation Law (Hoyt)

C. New Rules and Regulations, Para M be added to current Rules and Regulations, Para 1. BOARD ACTIONS AND BOARD MEETINGS (Stettler)

D. NPGA Bylaws, Para 4.16, be changed in two places. (Stettler)

E. Information requested from Central Office. (Seiler)

F. Certification Committee restructured (Seiler)

XIX. New Business

A. Standing Committee insertion to RR Para 8.C.1 (Stettler)

B. Change of RR Para8.C.3 - Change supervision of Compliance Committee (Stettler)

C. Addition to Show Rules G.7 - Clarify "Papers OK" (Stettler)

D. Notification on Website (Seiler)

E. Posting "Guidelines for Judging Pygmy Goats" (Seiler)

F. Delete of Bylaws Article IX Para 9.3 (Stettler)

G. Emergency Reporting (Stettler)

H. Removal of Certification Committee, request of DNA proof for registration (Fraser)

I. Directors representation of NPGA as whole (Fraser)

J. Show Rules G.9.a and G.9.b - define "Youth show" (Gredin)

K. Show Rules G.9.a - define "youth show" (Leman)

L. Show Rules D.10 - no limit to number of times wether shown under judge (Leman)

M. Define "Opening" for Department Head (Leman)

N. RR 8.L.4.d - Webmaster abide by terms/contractual agreement (Leman)

O. Creation of JD for NPGA judges (Leman)

P. Term limit for Coordinators (Leman)

Q. Show Rules C.10.b - placement of progeny sticker (Leman)

R. RR 4.C. revise - remove progeny testing, add met breed standard (Henwood)

S. RR 4.C increase fee for registration over 1 year (Henwood)

T. Addition of statement to Registration Application (Henwood)

U. Revise Wether Certification Application (Henwood)

V. Official Sanction wether program (Read)

W. Increase Compliance filing fee (Seiler)

X. Remove #14 from President's JD (Fraser)

XX. 2014 Budget

Click here for a printable copy of the agenda.



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