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National Pygmy Goat Association
Board of Directors Meeting
January 6-7, 2018
Phoenix, AZ

NPGA Members:
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Call to Order

Welcome and Introduction of New Directors

Officer Reports

1. President

2. Vice President

3. Secretary

4. Treasurer

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Agenda

Election of Officers

Central Office Report - Dori Lowell

1. Certification Committee

a. Contract Review/Approval

Committee Reports

1. Breed Standard - David Wortham

a. Appoint Breed Standard Chair

2. HER - Jay Griffiths, DVM

a. Appoint HER Chair

3. JTC - Linda Colville

a. Judging Seminar Clinician’s Report

4. Public Relations

a. Appoint PR Chair

5. Publications - Jean Sisco

a. Appoint interim Publications Chair

6. Youth – Michele Neckermann

7. Compliance – Gail Brinkley, interim Chair

a. Appoint Compliance Chair


1. Affiliated Clubs - Kathy Griffiths

2. Show Coordinator - Susan Seiler

3. Report of Awards - Colleen Wade

4. Elections - Karen Crowder

Department Reports

1. MEMO - Maggie Leman

a. Contract Review/Approval

2. Webmaster - Maggie Leman

a. Contract Review/Approval

3. Merchandise - Becky Adams

a. Contract Review/Approval

Old Business

A. Bylaw change - gender neutral

New Business

A. R&R 4.O.2 Central Office - Increase stipend to $150, plus $100 for expenses (Gredin)

B. R&R 10.D Judges Practical Test - Candidate sharing accommodations with JTC member (Ridley)

C. Show Rules - Youth shows with non-registered goats not be allowed at an NPGA Convention (Ridley)

D. R&R 8.H.1: Standing and other committees - first sentence be changed (Ridley)

E. Discuss obtaining insurance coverage for NPGA.

F. NPGA refrain from conducting business on social media sites (i.e. Facebook etc.)

G. R&R 9 Compliance - Add section H - Provisions for temporary suspension (Hudson)

H. Show Rules J.1.a.(1) - Change National Champion scoring - (Chew)

I. Show Rules B.3.B - Add wethers to shown under judge’s herdname restriction (Shults)



Click here for a printable copy of the agenda



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