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National Pygmy Goat Association
Board of Directors Meeting
January 11-12, 2020
Orlando, FL

Call to Order

Welcome and Introduction of New Directors

Officer Reports

1. President

2. Vice President

3. Secretary

4. Treasurer

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Agenda

Election of Officers

Central Office Report - Dori Lowell

1. Certification Committee

a. Contract Review/Approval

Committee Reports

1. Breed Standard - Elaine Krieg, DVM

2. HER - Jay Griffiths, DVM

3. JTC - Carol Hepner

a. Judging Seminar Clinician - April Seiler

4. Public Relations - Vacant

a. Appoint PR Chair

5. Publications - Lisa Salmi

6. Youth Jane Coneybeer

7. Compliance - Fran Bishop


1. Affiliated Clubs - Kathy Griffiths

2. Show Coordinator - Susan Seiler

3. Report of Awards - Shanna Breeding

4. Elections - Karen Crowder

5. Appoint ADT (Animal Disease Traceability) Liaison

Department Reports

1. MEMO - Maggie Leman

a. Contract Review/Approval

2. Webmaster - Maggie Leman

a. Contract Review/Approval

3. Merchandise - Becky Adams & Diana Woodward

Ad Hoc Committee

New Business

A. National Champion Challenge ballots - Gredin

B. Breeder Listing fee merge - Griffiths

C. Show Rule update to match Judges Code of Ethics - Gredin

D. Increase Membership fees - Hudson

E. Increase show sanction fees to include Master Champions - Shipley/Breeding

F. VRD to step in when director unable to attend meeting - Chew/Hepner

G. Judging Clinic alternative - Hudson/Aragon

H. Embryo Transfer inclusion to R & R's - Salmi/Staley

I. Extend JTC chair & committee terms to 5 years (See Q) - JTC Cmte.

J. Committee Chairs & Coordinators submit article to Memo yearly - Seiler

K. Ear tattoo to comply with USDA - Irving/Howard

L. Open/restricted show clarification - Coneybeer

M. Judges contracts not being returned (Discussion only) - Shipley

N. Rescind $5.00 Master Champion restocking fee - Seiler

O. Restricted show definition - Seiler

P. Document Retention Position (Discussion only) - Seiler

Q. Extend JTC chair & committee terms to 5 years (See I) - JTC Cmte.

R. Develop procedure for receiving ballots Natl. Champion Challenge - JTC Cmte.

S. Limit number of auditors at Judging Clinic - JTC Cmte.

T. Amend Secretary Job Description to extend time to prepare minutes - Fraser

U. Create term for other white markings - Krieg

V. Withdrawn by maker

W. Change martingale requirement for caramel pattern - Krieg


2:00 pm Compliance Hearing (pending)


Click here for a printable copy of the agenda



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