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National Pygmy Goat Association
Board of Directors Meeting
January 8-9, 2022
San Antonio, TX

NPGA Members:
Click here to submit your comments to the Board of Directors.

Call to Order

Welcome and Introduction of New Directors

Officer Reports

1. President

4. Treasurer

Approval of Minutes

Approval of Agenda

Election of Officers

Central Office Report - Lisa Nelson

1. Certification Committee

Committee Reports

1. Breed Standard - Elaine Krieg, DVM

a. Appoint Breed Standard Chair

2. HER & ADT - Amber Genda, DVM

3. JTC - Carol Hepner

a. Appoint JTC Chair

4. Clinician - April Seiler

5. Public Relations - Diane Keith

6. Publications - Lisa Salmi

7. Youth - Madyson Hepner

8. Compliance - April Seiler


1. Affiliated Clubs - Eva Morgan

2. Show Coordinator - Susan Seiler

3. Report of Awards - Shanna Breeding

4. Elections - Karen Crowder

Department Reports

1. MEMO - Anika Parks

2. Webmaster - Maggie Leman

3. Merchandise - Becky Adams/Diana Woodward (will appoint new Merch Chair in Dec.)

Ad Hoc Committee Reports

1. Compliance Committee Restrictions to Data Maintained Registry - Kress/Seiler

2. Reducing the cost of the MEMO - Salmi

3. Insurance Update - Te Grotenhuis/Morgan

4. Allow Members to “opt out” of MEMO subscription - Beaver

New Business

A. By Law Rule Change - Fraser

B. Make January Board Meeting Virtual - Read

C. Use Merchandise Dept for NPGA Related Items - Kress/Struthers

D. Recognize Best Wether Wins - Kress/Struthers

E. Dress Code for National Champion Challenge - Struthers

F. Show Rule Correction - Struthers

G. Reinstate Provisional Judges - Fraser

H. Reinstate Provisional Judges - Allen (Will combine with G)

I. Optional 5th Test Class to the JE - Hepner/JTC

J. Website/Herdbook Upgrade - Watkins

CONTRACTS (Closed Session)



Click here for a printable copy of the agenda



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