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National Pygmy Goat Association
Board of Directors Meeting
June 12-13, 2014
Charlestown, IN

Call to Order

Officer Reports

1.       President

2.       Vice President

3.       Secretary

4.       Treasurer

Approval of Minutes

Central Office Report

1.       Certification Committee


Committee Reports

1.       Breed Standard

2.       HER

3.       JTC

a.       Appoint Chair 

4.       Public Relations

5.       Publications

a.       Webmaster

6.       Youth

7.       Compliance

a.       Appoint Chair


1.       Affiliated Clubs

a.       Appoint Coordinator

2.       Show Coordinator

3.       Report of Awards

4.       Elections

Department Reports

1.       MEMO

2.       Merchandise

Contract Review/Renewal

AdHoc Committees

1.       Historical (Sisco)

2.       Appeal of Decisions to Board (Fraser)

3.       Info Request from Central Office (Henwood)

Old Business

A.      Information requested from Central Office. (referred to AdHoc)

New Business

A.      Revert back to breed standard outlined in The Illustrated Standard of the Pygmy Goat. (Mumpower on behalf of B.Webb)

B.      Allow registration of all progeny of registered parents. (Mumpower on behalf of B.Webb)

C.      Post proposed breed standard changes in MEMO 6 months prior to vote. (Mumpower on behalf of B.Webb)

D.      Restrict Breed Standard Committee from submitting addendums to report. (Mumpower on behalf of B.Webb)

E.       Abolish Certification Committee. (Mumpower on behalf of B.Webb)

F.       Create job description for NPGA judges and stand-alone document for Judges Code of Ethics (Leman)

G.     Remove RR 5.B and C (Leman)

H.      Repeal Show Rules D.11 and 6.e  - allow Platinum status wethers to continue showing (Leman)

I.        Change Show Rules J.2.b Require silver level wethers to be entered to qualify for National Champion win. (Leman)

J.        Combination of ConEd with Judging Clinic (Seiler)

K.      Sexual Harassment Training (Mumpower)

L.       Set requirements to hold Judges Exam (Seiler)

Selection of Volunteer of the Year

2015 Convention Bid


Click here for a printable copy of the agenda.


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