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National Pygmy Goat Association
Board of Directors Meeting
June 8-9, 2017
Cottonwood, AZ

Please send your comments to NPGA President Lynda Gredin and she will distribute them to the Directors and to the Webmaster for posting.

This is what I sent to my regional directors: The enthusiast membership doesn't sound like a terrible idea but I dont like the requirement that a voting member has verifiable NPGA registered animal under 10 years of age. Who is going to verify that the person has an animal that qualifies and why should we be caring that the person has an animal to qualify for voting? Half of our judges dont have animals so this will disqualify any of them from voting. I think the disadvantages have been grossly overlooked. I am a member of the Kinder Goat Association and have voting rights but do not own a Kinder goat.

I wanted to add that this agenda needs to be totally reworked because to say there are no disadvantages and all advantages is wrong!

Advantages: Allows more members to join that do not own goats or participate in shows that wants to support the NPGA

Disadvantages: None

Financial Implications: More fees with additional members.

I dont agree with this at all!! I think it will take away members!! This is going to eliminate about half our judges from voting and some of the founding members that still exist. No one that wants to be a part of a club should have their voting rights revoked.

Shanna Breeding

This is all crazy. It sounds good if we were a multimillion dollar organization. NPGA doesn't have the members nor the money. They say $4000 and external hard drive $99. How much for tech support to set it up with our data? And why should NPGA provide herd data for the membership? Again this isn't like a big cattle ranch where all the cows wear monitoring chips so they know when they chew cud, when they rest, how long they graze, etc. These are mostly pets. DAH.

That $4000 to $5000 is just the tip of the iceberg for cost. Trust me this organization doesn't have enough money to do this. Just want you to know this is pie in the sky and most of this stuff would have no value to NPGA.

Just to be clear It's too much money and I'm against spending it.

Fran Bishop



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