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Sell Your Goat Online!

All animals listed for sale must be registered with NPGA and will be posted for 60 days.  Rates for NPGA members are $7.50 without a picture, or $10.00 with a picture.  Non-members pay double.  Additional 60 day renewals available at half price.  Comments/Descriptions are limited to 1000 letters and spaces.

Contact Information
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Goat's Name:
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Additional Comments / Description
The pedigree will be available automatically based on the registration number that you entered above.  You may want to include your location along with details on shipping or delivery if available.


Photo - must be e-mailed to WEBMASTER@NPGA-PYGMY.COM
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Payment Information

Please indicate how you will pay for this ad.  Directions for making payment will be provided after this form is processed.  Your ad will be posted within 72 hours of payment being received.


NPGA reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason.