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Code of Ethics


To realize my moral responsibility to the public, to my associates, and to the animals in my care.

To familiarize myself with the Pygmy Goat Breed Standard and to use it as a guide in breeding and evaluating Pygmy Goats.

To familiarize myself with the Show Rules and to abide by such rules. (01-19)To be truthful in advertising and accurate in record keeping, not altering facts and not withholding any pertinent information about any animal in order to effect sale, trade, loan or other transaction.

To only sell animals that are in good condition, free from disease at time of sale.

To offer at stud only animals that are in good condition and free of communicable diseases and to accept for breeding only does in good health and condition.

To refrain from issuing statements to the public which I know to be false or misleading.

To promote the interest, aims and purposes of NPGA and to endeavor at all times to improve the breed and to help create a favorable public image of the Pygmy Goat.

To use good judgment and ethical behavior, and to share my knowledge and contribute my energies in the interest of our common purposes.

To refrain from engaging, condoning or tolerating any form of sexual harassment or any form of discrimination. (Any individual who feels that he/she, or another person, has been the victim of discrimination of any type, or sexual harassment, may file a complaint with his/her Regional Director, or the Compliance Committee.) 

All members of NPGA are encouraged to solicit memberships to NPGA. However, no member of the NPGA shall obtain memberships, nor provide membership remuneration to anyone, with the intent of influencing the outcome of an election to the Board of Directors.

NPGA does not support or condone the use of any drugs to enhance the appearance of an animal for the purpose of showing.

Anyone found guilty of deliberately falsifying an animal’s record and/or altering the animal’s appearance to make it qualify for certification and/or registration will have his/her membership canceled. Any further applications to NPGA for certification and subsequent registration will not be accepted.

(Please Note: NPGA’s logo of the Pygmy kid is copyrighted, and is not for private use.)

Last Updated: 6/2019 


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