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NPGA Board of Directors Meeting
New Orleans, LA
January 19-20, 2002

Saturday, January 19, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 7:37AM by President Bobbie Montgomery. Present were President Bobbie Montgomery, Vice President Bill Granger, Secretary Ray Hoyt, Treasurer Linda Carpenter, Directors Fran Bishop, Debbie Bond, Wayne Clark, Susan Greenberg, Mary Beth Guenther, Stacy Hamilton, Red Mertens, Dan Pierce, Carol Shea-Hepner, George Starbuck, Barbara Williams and David Wortham, and Business Manager Dori Lowell. All in attendance introduced themselves, in deference to the new directors. A printed agenda was distributed to all attendees.

Vice President’s Report
Vice President Granger advised that there were 3 chair vacancies: Judges Training, Show and Public Relations. There had been no applicants for Public Relations Committee chair.

Secretary’s Report

Minutes of Previous Meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously accepted.

Treasurer’s Report
Business Manager Lowell distributed the last monthly report for 2001. She advised that there was almost $2000 more income than expenses for the year. The report was unanimously accepted.

Business Manager’s Report

  • Business Manager Lowell advised that the Central Office is running smoothly.

  • She has only received 7 Artificial Insemination updates; she would like to extend the deadline beyond 12/31/01.

  • She advised that she gets requests for goat photographs from time to time, and would like to have some to send other than her own goats. Pres. Montgomery will have Memo Editor Jan Kappes send her some submitted photos of Champions.

  • She would like to print a Transfer Form on the reverse side of the Registration Certificate – in the middle between the ownership information at the top, and the record of wins on the bottom. No objection by the Board.

  • She needs a new Answering Machine. Director Starbuck said that we should consider telephone company voice mail (clearer voice, no machine replacement, etc.). Business Manager Lowell was authorized to solve the issue at her discretion.

  • She needs a breakdown of money and checks she gets from Jan Kappes. She was directed to communicate directly with Jan.

  • She advised the Board that a dispute has arisen between some members over registration papers. The issue has been submitted to Pres. Montgomery to handle.

  • She advised that her signing limit is currently $1000. She would like it raised to $1500 so her paychecks could be done with one check. The Board agreed to raise the limit to $3000.

  • She expressed a need for another file cabinet. The Board approved her request.

  • The report was approved.

Motion 2002-01 Passed Proposed by: Carpenter/Starbuck

Motion 1994-12 be revised so that all Merchandise and Business Office checks over $3000.00 be countersigned by the Treasurer or other authorized Executive Board officer.

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Greenberg, Guenther, Hamilton, Hoyt, Mertens, Pierce, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck, Williams and Wortham. No: None.

Election of Officers
Bobbie Montgomery was nominated for President by George Starbuck. There were no other nominations. Bill Granger was nominated for Vice President by Red Mertens. There were no other nominations. Ray Hoyt was nominated for Secretary by Fran Bishop. There were no other nominations. Linda Carpenter was nominated for Treasurer by George Starbuck. David Wortham was nominated for Treasurer by Dan Pierce. Linda Carpenter then withdrew her name from consideration. All unopposed nominees were unanimously elected.

Memo Report

  • No report submitted by the Editor.

  • Director Bishop advised that we need to be careful that Memo is not seen as promoting particular goats or products.

  • Director Starbuck brought up his agenda item that all directors be required to write at least 2 Regional Reflection pieces annually. He suggested that this requirement go either into the Director Job Description, or into the Director Agreement. It was decided that this would go into the Job Description.

  • The budget for the annual Membership Roster was discussed.

Merchandise Report
Director Guenther discussed using the goat, flag and “You won’t get our goat” on the cover of the Holiday ’01 issue of Memo on shirts and posters at this year’s Convention. Jan Kappes would have to approve using her drawing. Director Guenther advised that additional merchandise items were coming in. There are still many coloring books and color charts on hand. The report was accepted.

Webmaster Report
Vice President Granger advised that our webmaster puts up anything that he is asked to do. It was suggested that he be asked if he is still able to deliver what we want in the way of changes and updates. It was suggested that the design be changed periodically, and that our merchandise be advertised on the site. The issue of having a “For Sale” section on the site for people to sell goats was discussed but not approved. The report was accepted.

Breed Standard Committee Report
Director Starbuck advised that the joint work between the Judges Training and Breed Standard Committees decided at the July 2001 meeting did not happen due to the change in status of the JTC. He anticipates some action in this area before the June 2002 meeting, which will also cover random markings. The report was accepted.

Certification Committee Report
Committee Chair Lowell advised that a committee member is needed from Region 4. Her report was accepted as modified.

Arbitration Committee Report
The report was accepted.

Nominations Committee Report
The report was accepted.

Public Relations Committee Report
None submitted; no chair. The position has been advertised, but there have been no applicants. Some names were suggested; Pres. Montgomery will follow up on them.

Show Committee Report

  • Pres. Montgomery advised that supplies are on hand for shows through March 2002.

  • Outgoing chair, Darlene Thayer, has had difficulty in getting some judges to submit the Report of Award. The JTC chair should be on top of those situations.

  • The new chair should be furnished with on-line herdbook capability.

The Board discussed the obtaining of the certificates/labels/medallions for Best Wethers who win Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards. None have been ordered yet. Director Greenberg to followup on this and report to the Executive Committee for implementation.

Closed Session

Show Committee Report (cont’d)

  • Pres. Montgomery showed some samples of various color combinations for 2002 Champion Ribbons. None were appealing to the Board. The matter was referred to the new Show Chair.

  • The Board discussed the revolving trophies for the National Champions; the current ones are full and showing signs of wear. Directors Bishop and Starbuck will handle, including looking at the individual trophies that the winners keep.

  • The report was accepted.

Youth Committee Report
There was discussion on the activity of the committee and the new programs being initiated. The Scholarship program deadline for applications was extended to May 1, 2002, with winners announced at Convention. The report was accepted.

The Board instructed the Secretary to communicate with all directors prior to Board meetings about issues that they had either agreed or were assigned to do. This would serve as a reminder for them.

Health, Education and Research Committee Report
Pres. Montgomery informed the Board that an article on Scrapie would be done for both Memo and for posting on our website. The information would also be mailed to all Affiliated Clubs. The report was accepted.

Publications Committee Report

  1. Regarding the Showmanship Manual, Director Carpenter advised that Kevin Kress is working on it. He is to confer with others around the country. His draft is to come to the Publications Committee, then to the Board. Director Bishop says that an outline should be circulated first, then filled in. Pres. Montgomery wanted it to be a committee project, not just a single opinion. Showmanship is not being done consistently across the country. Pres. Montgomery solicited names to assist on this project.

  2. The Judges Training Manual needs review. The JTC chair is responsible to review and update. The report was accepted.

Affiliated Clubs Committee Report
The Board discussed how Affiliated Clubs are listed in Memo (alphabetically, by state, or how?). It was agreed to list them by geographical region. The report was accepted.

Parliamentarian Report
Director Starbuck explained what parliamentarians do, and how they are certified. It was decided to eliminate all references to a Parliamentarian in our Rules and Regulations (replace with Secretary in R&R 1K), make paragraph 5 of the President’s Job Description permissive instead of mandatory, and eliminate the Parliamentarian’s Job Description.

Motion 2002-02 Passed Proposed by: Hoyt/Wortham

Secretary be substituted for Parliamentarian in R&R 1K; and that all other references to “Parliamentarian” be striken from the Rules and Regulations.

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Greenberg, Guenther, Hamilton, Hoyt, Mertens, Pierce, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck, Williams and Wortham. No: None.

Wether Program
Wethers that have received at least three “Best Wether” wins may compete in the National Champion Wether Challenge. For clarification, although this rule became effective January 1, 2002, wins in 2001 were grandfathered for purposes of such qualification.

Herdbook Internet Format Update
Grand Champions to be added, but not Reserve Grand Champions.

National Champion Challenge Scheduling
Secretary Hoyt read from the July 2001 Board meeting minutes on this issue. On the question on whether or not the Board regulates the Convention scheduling, Director Carpenter said that we kind of regulate the Convention schedule by approving the bid which includes the agenda for the whole Convention. On the question on whether or not having the National Champion Challenge on Friday night which would precede the Saturday and Sunday shows was intentionally scheduled to preclude a brand new PGCH from competing, there was no such intention intended. The issue became whether the Nationals could go forward on Friday night or return to Saturday after the show FOR THIS YEAR ONLY. The Board voted to hold the Nationals this year on Friday night. The vote was 14-1 (Hoyt voting No). Pres. Montgomery cautioned the Board that if the Board meeting ran late on Friday, directors wishing to enter the Nationals were not to leave the meeting.

National Champion Challenge Eligibility
A discussion occurred on requiring a PGCH certificate to compete in the Nationals. Director Greenberg was fearful of changing the rule to declare a PGCH ineligible that would have been previously eligible. She also said that competitors should have their goat’s tattoo/microchip checked at check-in. This whole issue was tabled until the June 2002 Board meeting; Directors Starbuck and Carpenter will re-work the Show Rules to provide for eligibility rules to compete in the Nationals. For this year, Director Starbuck will write a Memo article that only PGCHs with PGCH certificates may compete in the Nationals. Director Guenther will write in the National Show show bill that competitors for the Nationals must bring a PGCH certificate; if none has yet been issued, to contact Director Guenther who will attempt to verify the status of the PGCH.

Arbitration Procedures

  1. Ad Hoc Committee Chair Hoyt read the proposal to change Section 4.18 of our Bylaws having to do with the indemnification of additional individuals in NPGA. These additional individuals are already authorized in our current liability insurance policy; no revision to the policy or additional cost is involved. The specific proposal was read into the record to comply with Section 6.2 so that this change may be voted on at the June 2002 Board meeting.

    a. SCOPE – To the fullest extent permitted by the Washington Nonprofit Corporation Act, the Corporation shall indemnify any duly elected or appointed director, officer, employee, NPGA-licensed judge, committee member or volunteer of the corporation made a party to a proceeding because the person is or was a director, officer, employee, NPGA-licensed judge, committee member or volunteer of the corporation, against liability incurred in that proceeding; provided, however, no indemnification pursuant to this provision shall indemnify any director, officer, employee, NPGA-licensed judge, committee member or volunteer from or on account of (1) any breach of the director’s, officer’s, employee’s, NPGA-licensed judge’s, committee member’s or volunteer’s duty of loyalty to the corporation, (2) acts or omissions not in good faith or involving intentional misconduct or a knowing violation of the law, (3) any unlawful distribution under Washington law, or (4) any transaction from which the director, officer, employee, NPGA-licensed judge, committee member or volunteer derived an improper personal benefit.
    b. ADVANCEMENT OF EXPENSES – The corporation shall pay for or reimburse the reasonable expenses incurred by a director, officer, employee, NPGA-licensed judge, committee member or volunteer who is a party to a proceeding in advance of the final disposition of the proceeding to the fullest extent permitted by Washington law.
    c. CERTAIN DEFINITIONS – For purposes of this Section, the terms director, expenses, liability, officer, party and proceedings shall have the meanings given to them as defined by Washington law in effect as of the date this Section becomes effective. All other terms shall have the usual and customary dictionary meanings given to them.
    d. No change.

  2. Ad Hoc Committee Chair Hoyt then read the proposed amendment to Rules & Regulations, paragraph 7(I). This proposal would change the location of the Arbitration Committee procedures from a stand-alone document and put it into the Rules & Regulations.

Motion 2002-03 Passed Proposed by: Hoyt/Bishop

That Rules and Regulations 7(I) be rewritten as follows:

  1. The Arbitration Committee shall arbitrate issues brought to the Committee by NPGA members.

  2. Directors, Chairpersons, MEMO Editor, Business Manager and judges shall not be members of the committee. (86-30)

  3. The Arbitration Committee has jurisdiction to investigate the following disputes:
      a. Ethics violations by judges
      b. Complaints pertaining to the ethics of judges or members
      c. Any violation of the NPGA Code of Ethics

  4. Complaints involving all matters must be filed with the Arbitration Committee, who will collect the filing fees, enter them into the Complaint Log, and refer those not being investigated by the Arbitration Committee to the appropriate investigating committee (Show, JTC, Breed Standard, etc.). Those complaints that are forwarded to another investigating committee will be tracked by the Arbitration Committee through their respective processes including any appeal. An investigation by a committee other than the Arbitration Committee will be conducted following the procedures outlined here, and the respective Chair will keep the Arbitration Committee Chair informed as to its progress so that appropriate entries can be made into the Arbitration Committee Complaint Log.

  5. In order to officially file a complaint with the Arbitration Committee, the complaining party will be required to file the complaint in writing with the Arbitration Committee Chair, along with a $20.00 filing fee. The written complaint and any accompanying attachments including photographs must be submitted in duplicate. The filing fee will be returned if the ultimate resolution of the complaint by the committee or the Board of Directors is in favor of the complainant. All complaints must be filed within one year from the date the alleged violation was discovered to have occurred. (83-09)

  6. Upon receiving a complaint and the required filing fee, the Arbitration Committee Chair will initiate an entry in his/her Complaint Log identifying the complainant, type of dispute, date of occurrence, date of discovery, date complaint filed, and an indication that the filing fee has been paid. If the complaint is being forwarded to another committee for investigation, the date forwarded and name of the appropriate committee will be logged. For investigations conducted by the Arbitration Committee, one copy of the complaint with attachments will be sent to the person(s) against whom the complaint is being made. They will be requested to prepare a written response with any attachments they deem appropriate, in duplicate. A copy of that response with attachments will then be sent to the party initiating the complaint. At that point, all parties involved can be deemed to be fully informed concerning the complaint and the response. These notifications will also be entered in the Complaint Log,

  7. At this point, the Arbitration Committee Chair will attempt to mediate a mutually agreeable settlement between the parties. If successful, the Chair will make an appropriate entry in his/her Complaint Log, and close NPGA’s involvement in the dispute.

  8. If a settlement cannot be reached, copies of all material submitted by both the complainant and the respondent will be distributed to all members of the Arbitration Committee for their analysis. The committee members will report back to the Chair, within the time frame prescribed by him/her, their findings and recommendations as to culpability and any penalties they deem appropriate. These reports should explain the reasons for their findings and justify any recommended action. Upon receiving these reports, the Chair will prepare an investigative summary that will include the issues of the case, a review of the evidence, statements and witnesses, the individual analyses by the committee members, and their findings, conclusions and recommendations. The Chair’s summary must be prepared with sufficient detail that his/her compilation will represent the individual and collective work products of all committee members. The committee members need not be identified by name, but everyone’s work should be represented in the compilation. These actions will also be entered in the Complaint Log.

  9. The Chair’s report is then forwarded to the NPGA President/Vice President, who will place the matter on the agenda for the next Board of Directors meeting. The Board will consider the matter, in closed session, and render the final decision. If the complexity of the case is such that the presence of, or a conference call with, the Committee Chair is deemed necessary at the Board meeting at which the matter is to be heard, the Executive Committee may request his/her presence, or availability for a conference call, and authorize his/her expenses. Both the complainant and the respondent have the right to be present at the Board meeting at their own expense. In any case, the Chair will be informed of the Board’s decision so that he/she can notify his/her committee members. The Board’s final decision will be entered in the Complaint Log. The Board will cause the notification of their decision to the complainant(s) and respondent(s).

  10. Any respondents who have been found not culpable by the Board of Directors have the right to have such finding published in MEMO if they so request. (86-31)

  11. Members found by the Board of Directors to be in violation of any offense resulting in suspension and/or termination of membership, shall have their names published in MEMO and/or the NPGA roster. (97-04)

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Greenberg, Guenther, Hamilton, Hoyt, Mertens, Pierce, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck, Williams and Wortham. No: None.

Rescind JTC Chair’s Ineligibility to be a Director
Pres. Montgomery brought this issue originally. She believes a conflict of interest exists for the JTC Chair to simultaneously be a Director. Director Starbuck advised that it is difficult to get members involved. We should not exclude members or committee chairs from being Directors. The discussion then centered on members not typically being informed as to committee vacancies; we should put committee members and rotation dates in Memo and on the website. Committee chairs need to be active in soliciting committee members. A straw poll did not support rescinding the prohibition.

Treasurer’s Job Description
Director Carpenter wished to add to the Treasurer’s Job Description that he/she will work with the Business Manager to send appropriate letters to both the Business Manager and our accountant to implement pay raises. The Board approved with the provision that the President will sign such letters.

Closed Session

NPGA Logo Change
This item proposed to change the font of the writing surrounding the goat to make it easier to read. The Board felt that the current logo is traditional and should be kept as is as our official logo. The version with the different font which has been appearing in recent issues of Memo may continue, but our “official” logo will remain unchanged.

Publications Committee to Review Memo Articles
Publications Committee Chair Carpenter recommended that articles only, which are to appear in Memo, be e-mailed to the Publications Committee Chair by the Memo Editor who will forward them via e-mail to the committee members for comments with a specific turnaround deadline. This review will be for accuracy. The Board concurred.

The meeting was adjourned for the day at 6:10PM.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sunday, January 20, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 8:10AM by President Bobbie Montgomery. All directors were present. Also present was Dori Lowell, Business Manager.

Judges Training Committee Report
The Board was advised that all bills have been paid for the 2001 Judges Training Seminar in San Diego. The Board was informed that there were five applicants for the position of Judges Training Committee Chair: Mark Atkins, Kim Yates, Fran Bishop, George Starbuck and Michael O’Kelly.

Closed Session

Judges Training Committee (cont’d)
Pres. Montgomery announced her appointment of Kim Yates as JTC Chair. She also expressed her desires to bring the Breed Standard and Judges Training Committees more together. There were additional comments that the judges needed to be brought to the “same page,” that interpretation discrepancies by judges must be corrected, and that these problems were our “weakest link.” The subject of who should go onto the JTC brought up the suggestions of Fran Bishop, Judy Starbuck and Carol Shea-Hepner. Brand new judges with no experience are unlikely to be effective as committee members. The Board was cautioned not to try to mini-manage the new Chair; not should all Board members try to give him direction. Pres. Montgomery advised that the written test for judges needs revision by the JTC; one need not know the breed standard to pass it. It was suggested that a photo of each judge should be included in the judge’s roster; also, a photo of each member of the Executive Committee should be in the Membership Roster so they would be more recognizable to the membership.

ADGA Convention Report
Director Carpenter reported on the Judges Training Seminar held in Portland, OR during October 2001. She described the number of candidates, fees, classroom and practical lectures and testing, etc. A written report was furnished to each director.

Judges Training Seminar at 2002 Convention
At least 8 candidates are expected to register for this year’s JTS in Ohio. Director Wortham advised that at the San Diego JTS last year, the judges agreed to invoke the 10-day rule – a person must wait 10 days to retake the written test if it is failed. The rule must be enforced. Additionally, Directors Carpenter and Guenther suggested that the written test should be passed at least 21 days prior to the practical test. It was also suggested that there be no more late registering for the JTS. These suggestions were proposed to go into the Rules and Regulations.

Motion 2002-04 Passed Proposed by: Carpenter/Wortham

Rules and Regulations 7J3 be revised as follows:
3. Testing
a. Written Test: The fee to take the test is $10.00. If not passed, the written test may be retaken no less than 10 days apart for an additional $10.00 each time.
b. Training/Practical Test: The fee to take the test is $50.00. Candidates must have passed the written test at least 21 days before the Judges Training Seminar. Candidates must register to take the training/practical test at least 14 days before the Judges Training Seminar.

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Greenberg, Guenther, Hamilton, Hoyt, Mertens, Pierce, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck, Williams and Wortham. No: None.

Presentation of National Champion Awards
It was recommended that the President present the awards to the National Champions when they are selected at the National Champion Challenge. The Board approved the idea and agreed to include this duty in the President’s Job Description.

Exhibitors Not to Show Animals from Judge’s Herdname
This agenda item sought to prevent exhibitors from showing animals bearing the herdname of the judge. The argument for this change was based on this rationale: If a judge cannot judge animals in the Nationals which bear his/her herdname, why can they judge those animals at regular shows. It was mentioned that this issue has been raised before and defeated. The discussion raised a number of issues: difficult for show chairs to hire judges whose goats won’t be shown; judges are hired for their opinions – they tend to like their own style of animals; place a time limit of 6 months or one year between the time a judge sells an animal and when the animal could be shown under that judge. It was mentioned that the Board should use care that we don’t adopt unenforceable rules. Another comment suggested that “questionable” judges should not be hired or shown under; but that judges should not be pre-judged before they even enter the ring. It was also suggested that the burden be placed on the exhibitor to not show an animal who bears the judge’s herdname, making it a Code of Ethics violation to do so. A related issue came up that the rules could be changed which would require that ALL Grand Champion wins come from different judges. A motion to this effect was withdrawn by its maker: Greenberg/Shea-Hepner. It was finally determined that the agenda item, as proposed, had extremely varied opinions and needed to be studied more. More input from the membership, how other organizations handle similar situations, input from the Judges Training Committee and its new chair, Kim Yates, and more thought on all of the ramifications of any suggested change was needed. A committee was appointed to conduct this study – Linda Carpenter and Wayne Clark to do the followup.

Certificates for Productive Does
It was suggested that NPGA award an actual certificate to does who produce at least 10 registered kids, in addition to the special character on her pedigree and in the herdbook (Motion 2001-17). The question was raised if bucks were going to be included in this production program. Pres. Montgomery recommended that the program, as initiated last year, go longer before making any changes to it. The Board concurred.

Eliminate the Vacancy Replacement Director
Director Starbuck made the observation that the program was a good idea at the time it began, but it didn’t work, especially the term length of 6 years, and the election procedure. Director Pierce advised that he did not want the President to appoint regional directors to fill vacancies on the Board – if there was a better way than the Vacancy Replacement Director process, he’d like to hear it. Pres. Montgomery advised that some regions apparently got together and put up a VRD candidate, others did not. Some suggested that the runner-up in a contested election for Director could become the VRD, but what about where a sole candidate is running and there is no election. It was commented that when implemented, the process may not have been thoroughly thought out. A straw vote of the Board indicated that the VRD should be kept, but fine-tuned and rewritten. Vice President Granger and Director Pierce to handle the rewrite, considering the following provisions: nomination, bio submitted, and acceptance, just like a regular Director; a candidate may run for Director or VRD but not both; change in term length; and that a VRD must resign that position to run for Director.

Reapportionment of Regions
Director Starbuck gave an overview of this agenda item. He had prepared and distributed a handout to all Directors, citing the authority in the Bylaws to change the boundaries of the regions, from time to time, so as to maintain approximate parity of members in the regions. His handout suggested a specific change, but ultimately recommended that an Ad Hoc Committee be formed to study the issue. Pres. Montgomery appointed the Ad Hoc Committee:, Hamilton, Guenther, Starbuck and Montgomery.

Reimbursement for Actual Travel & Room Costs versus Stipend
There was some support for changing the reimbursement rules – provide for total travel and room expenses, rather than the current stipend method. The current method may discriminate against a possible Director candidate who cannot afford to finance his trips to meetings. One director supported reimbursing 50% of room costs to encourage doubling up of Directors. One observation was that if Directors get their rooms paid for, how long would it be before higher-end hotels were selected, or less concern was given to room rates when selecting hotels. As an alternative, it was suggested that the stipend should be raised $25.

Motion 2002-05 Passed Proposed by: Bond/Greenberg

Effective January 1, 2002, Rules and Regulations 4L2 be changed to read: Stipend for Directors, JTC and Merchandise Department Head will be handled as follows: Directors will receive $150 for each Board meeting; up to 5 JTC members and chairperson will receive $150 for the annual JTC training seminar; and the Merchandise Department Head will receive $150 for attendance at the annual convention.

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Greenberg, Guenther, Hamilton, Mertens, Pierce, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck and Williams. No: Hoyt and Wortham.

Add Memo Editor as Eligible for Expense Reimbursement
This agenda item sought to add the Memo Editor to Rules and Regulations 4L as eligible for expense reimbursement. Director Hoyt advised that it was bad policy to keep changing the rules based on the individual involved, as we have been doing. Director Bishop agreed, but suggested that it be a contractual issue with the Editor. The contract could spell out what was being asked, with provisions for the appropriate compensation. Covering the Convention and using others to help with articles and photos should be mandated so the coverage could appear appropriately in Memo. The Board concurred.

Expense Reimbursement for Directors Living Locally
This item dealt with the situations when a Director or other person eligible for expense reimbursement lived locally to the event attended. Local mileage was the main concern. The Board decided that it would be difficult to cover all possible eventualities when reimbursement would apply. This matter was dropped.

Closed Session

2002 Budget
The budget for calendar year 2002 was unanimously approved by the Board.

Motion 2002-06 Passed Proposed by: Hoyt/Mertens

The attached housekeeping changes be made to the Rules and Regulations as identified on the attached sheet:
1. Amend 1H: “…may be asked for his/her resignation…”
2. Amend 3B: Delete use of “1.” With no subsequent paragraphs, it should not be used. The sentence after “1.” Can be the 3rd sentence of “B.”
3. Amend 3D: Rewritten and references corrected – “Shall be known as the Treasurer’s assistant, and shall be so designated in writing each year by the elected Treasurer. Shall perform the duties prescribed in Bylaws Section 4.10d.”
4. Amend 4K: Rewritten – “Any person who passes a check to NPGA for which payment is refused by the financial institution (e.g. non-sufficient funds, account closed, signature irregular or missing, etc.) will be charged $10 over and above any financial institution fees NPGA may incur.”
5. Amend 6A1: “The editor of MEMO shall be…”
6. Amend 6A2: “The editor shall be allowed to pick his/her own…”
7. Amend 6A3: “Editorial policy shall reflect…”
8. Amend 6B1 & 6B2: “The Merchandise Department Head shall…”
9. Amend 6B5: “…the Merchandise Department Head…” Also, the last sentence corrected to read “Reimbursement shall be subject to the guidelines outlined in paragraph 4L.”
10. Amend 7E: “No one individual may chair more than one committee.”
11. Amend 7G: Delete use of “1.” And “a.” With no subsequent paras or subparas, they should not be used. All of the text should appear immediately after “Breed Standard.”
12. Amend 7H: Delete use of “11.” Same as above.
13. Amend 7K, 7L, 7N and 8B: Delete use of “1.” Same as above.
14. Amend 9C: “…Department Heads, or Chairpersons of the Arbitration and Nominations Committees…”
15. Amend 10A: Correct reference – “…as directed in Article IV, Section 5…”
16. Amend 10I: Correct 2nd sentence – “Prior years will be destroyed.”
17. Amend 11A: “…affiliated with NPGA may register…”

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Greenberg, Guenther, Hamilton, Hoyt, Mertens, Pierce, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck, Williams and Wortham. No: None.

Motion 2002-07 Passed Proposed by: Hoyt/Starbuck

Rules and Regulations 9C be amended: “…and shall not include the Business Manager, Department heads, or Chairpersons of the Arbitration, Nominations or Judges Training Committees…”

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Greenberg, Guenther, Hamilton, Hoyt, Mertens, Pierce, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck, Williams and Wortham. No: None.

Motion 2002-08 Passed Proposed by: Hoyt/Bishop

Rules and Regulations 7J1 be amended: “Shall be composed of a chairperson, who is an NPGA licensed judge in good standing, and a nucleus…”

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Greenberg, Guenther, Hamilton, Hoyt, Mertens, Pierce, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck, Williams and Wortham. No: None.

Motion 2002-09 Passed Proposed by: Hoyt/Shea-Hepner

Show Rule C1 be amended: “…only NPGA or CGA (Canadian Goat Society) registered goats may be shown…”

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Greenberg, Guenther, Hamilton, Hoyt, Mertens, Pierce, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck, Williams and Wortham. No: None.

Housekeeping Changes to Bylaws
Secretary Hoyt read the following proposed changes to the Bylaws into the record to comply with Bylaws Section 6.2 so that these changes may be voted on at the June 2002 Board meeting:
Amend 2.2: When fees were moved to Rules & Regulations, title of this section should also have been changed. Changed to “CLASSIFICATION”
Amend 2.3: Lacked title. To be consistent with other sections, title is needed and has been added: “EXEMPTION FROM DUES”
Amend 4.2: Corrected reference in section from 4.6 to 4.7.
Amend 4.9: For consistency, “Bylaws” is not hyphenated.
Amend 4.10.b: Same
Amend 4.10.c: Same
Amend 4.14: “Vice-President” hyphenated for consistency (twice)
Amend 5.1: Corrected typo “tot” to “to”
Amend 6.3: Typo corrected “adopt”
Amend 8.1: Corrected grammar – “…issued in the name of or payable to…”
Amend 8.3: “Bylaws” not hyphenated.
Amend 9.4: First, corrected bad grammar in middle sentence. It should read, “In October of each year thereafter, the Business Manager shall prepare…during the year, and this record shall be reviewed…” Second, the last sentence is corrected to read, “The Business Manager may request a member of the Board to prepare…”

Motion 2002-10 Passed Proposed by: Hoyt/Hamilton

Rules and Regulations 3F be deleted.

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Greenberg, Guenther, Hamilton, Hoyt, Mertens, Pierce, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck, Williams and Wortham. No: None.

Eliminate Six Month Residency Requirement to Run for Director
This agenda item sought to remove the six month residency requirement in the region to qualify to run for Director from that region. The argument for this proposal centered around the contention that if a candidate did not have the support of the particular region or was unknown to the region, that candidate would probably not get elected anyway.

Motion 2002-11 Passed Proposed by: Carpenter/Clark

Revise Rules and Regulations 9D as follows: Eligible candidates must reside in the region at the time of nomination. Residence will be defined as primary residence.

Yes: Bishop, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Guenther, Mertens, Pierce, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck and Williams. No: Bond, Hamilton and Hoyt. Abstain: Greenberg and Wortham. (SEE NOTE AT THE END OF THESE MINUTES.)

White Markings
This agenda item was brought to the Board, looking for consistency in judging animals with marks. Director Starbuck said that the Breed Standard and the Judge’s Guidelines are ambiguous and need clarification. The Breed Standard and Judges Training Committees need to work together; all color issues need to be better defined. Director Starbuck said he, with JTC Chair Kim Yates, will work out a solution to this issue.

Recognition of Volunteers
Director Starbuck raised the question of what we can do for our volunteers. Several long-time members were mentioned as volunteers whose service needs to be recognized. As a related matter, Director Starbuck advised the Board that he is going to do a series of Memo articles on the history of NPGA. It was also mentioned that regarding our “Volunteer of the Year” program, we need to do something more meaningful for those award winners.

Convention 2002 Update
Convention Chair Guenther advised that the Agreement (Rules & Regulations 12A) is currently being written. She also advised that the Convention advertisement is to be submitted. Also, there will be a quilt raffle/auction; quilt squares (backing & specs) are for sale for $5 each and may be ordered from Sandy Smetzer. The finished quilt squares are to be sent back to Sandy who will sew the quilt together.

Pres. Montgomery informed the Board that the USDA/APHIS is now allowing microchip identification of goats involved in interstate travel if the herd is a participant in the Volunteer Scrapie Flock Certification Program. Otherwise, for interstate travel, goats must be tattooed. It was mentioned that State Veterinarians are not informed about this program. All treat this issue differently. It was recommended that breeders sign up for the volunteer program. It remains unknown whether or not a goat’s age is a factor in the need to be identified. Memo articles are to be done. Information is going out to the Affiliated Clubs. Kay Orlando, DVM, and Jean Sisco, HER Chair, are working on this.

Site for January 2003 Board Meeting
Four areas were mentioned for consideration: Las Vegas, NV; Phoenix, AZ; Atlanta, GA; and Florida.
President Montgomery thanked all Board members for their attention and work during this meeting.

Closed Session

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ray Hoyt
NPGA Secretary

Due to a conflict with Section 4.1 of the Bylaws, Motion #2002-11 has been declared to be null and void. The six months residency requirement remains in effect.



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