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NPGA Board of Directors Meeting
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 18-19, 2003

Saturday, January 18, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 8:15 AM by President Bobbie Montgomery. Present were President Bobbie Montgomery, Vice President Bill Granger, Secretary Ray Hoyt, Directors Mark Adkins, Debbie Bond, Wayne Clark, Aaron Esterline, Lynda Gredin, Susan Greenberg, Stacy Hamilton, Linda Henwood, Sue Kerous, Red Mertens, Susan Seiler, Carol Shea-Hepner, and Barbara Williams, and Business Manager Dori Lowell. 

Pres. Montgomery had everyone in attendance introduce themselves and which region they represented. She then said that it had been a real pleasure working with this Board.

Vice President’s Report
Vice President Granger advised that this was his fifth year on the Board, and it had been great to work with this Board. Reports had been received from all committees, except for Public Relations where there was currently no chair. He does have resumés for that vacant chair.

Secretary’s Report
Secretary Hoyt had distributed his report. The minutes of both the June 2002 Board Meeting and the June 2002 Membership Meeting were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report
Business Manager Lowell advised that she had not yet received all end of year information. Outgoing Treasurer Linda Carpenter had passed information to Lowell that we operated at a loss during 2002, due mostly to Memo. She recommended that when the budget is done for 2003, that we consider this downslide. Lowell said that our income is pretty flat, but expenses are rising (office expenses, postage, and Memo). Pres. Montgomery said that Memo went to better quality paper, color, etc., all of which costs more. Vice President Granger advised that we had intended to spend more to reduce our balance, so as not to threaten our non-profit status. 

Central Office Report

  • Handout distributed to Board members with the latest figures.

  • Membership is down. The ones we lose stay an average of 2 years. 

  • Two bad checks still outstanding – both for goat registrations. One is from a long-term member, the other from a much shorter term member. Lowell was advised to withhold future services from those people until the debts are paid.

  • A new Public Relations chair will help membership. The new PR chair should be directed to actively pursue this objective.

  • Do we need a Senior Family membership category? Family membership now is $35/year; Senior membership is $15/year. What to do if there are two seniors in a family? Alternative solutions were discussed. A new category would necessitate a change in the Bylaws. A new senior rate within the Family membership would require a Rules and Regulations change. The issue of number of votes then came up. Because this whole issue only involves a few members, no action was taken.

  • The Board was advised that a member was asking for reconsideration on a semen registration denial which had been previously denied by the Board due to the Rules and Regulations. There was no new information provided to warrant a waiver of the Rules and Regulations. The Board’s previous denial was affirmed.

  • The Board was requested to send a letter of appreciation to the mayor of Chatham, IL. The city previously prohibited keeping certain animals, including goats, within the city limits. They were persuaded to change the ordinance exempting pygmy goats kept as pets from this prohibition. The Board declined to go on the record with such a letter, but agreed to make the information available to our membership upon request.

  • The report was accepted.

Election of Officers for 2003
At 9:25 AM, complying with our Rules and Regulations, the election of officers for 2003 commenced. Pres. Montgomery opened the nominations for President. Secretary Hoyt nominated Bill Granger. There were no further nominations. The nominations for Vice President were opened. Director Mertens nominated Stacy Hamilton; Director Hamilton nominated Wayne Clark; and Director Henwood nominated Ray Hoyt. A secret ballot, counted by Business Manager Lowell, resulted in Ray Hoyt being elected. The nominations for Secretary were opened. Director Esterline nominated Linda Henwood. There were no further nominations. The nominations for Treasurer were opened. Director Clark nominated Aaron Esterline. There were no further nominations. The elections were completed with the following results: President Bill Granger, Vice President Ray Hoyt, Secretary Linda Henwood, and Treasurer Aaron Esterline.

After a short break, the newly elected officers assumed the duties of their respective offices.

Memo Report
Pres. Granger advised that the Winter/Holiday issue of Memo went to the printer this week, according to interim editor, Darren Conerly. He needs a contract; he will do the Memo for the same money paid to the last editor. Darren Conerly intends to apply for the permanent job. The job is to be advertised in the next Memo. Resumés to the Vice President by May 15, 2003, in order that copies can be furnished to all Directors prior to the next Board meeting. Lowell asked if Conerly is to do the annual roster; contracts are needed. Secretary Henwood asked about the roster cover; the directors had wanted the roster cover to look like previous rosters for ease in identification. Pres. Granger will check the old contract and update. Director Montgomery will send the copies of the old specs to the Executive Committee for review. After this review, Pres. Granger will distribute to Board members. The report was accepted.

Merchandise Report

  • The pamphlet “Guidelines for a Pygmy Goat Show” needs revision, and maybe a name change (members think it is how to show, rather than how to put on a show). The author of the pamphlet is unknown. Lowell has updated fees. Directors Henwood and Williams to revise, and send to the Publications Committee.

  • Field sales of merchandise with commissions have increased the cost a little. Director Esterline inquired as to the size of inventory. 

  • Director Williams advised that the PR value of our shirts is positive, and should be expanded.

  • The new PR chair could work with the Merchandise Dept. Head to move more merchandise.

  • Director Hamilton suggested Show Chair Floch could include mention of merchandise availability in the letters that go out approving sanctions.

  • Regarding inventory, the Merchandise Dept. Head is to be asked to give a status report on our inventory, and advise what is and is not selling, new item ideas, etc. Vice President to handle.

  • The Merchandise Dept. Head sets the prices of merchandise. Vice President Hoyt to determine if he is given any direction on what to charge.

  • The report was accepted.

Webmaster Report
(Director Esterline left the meeting due to his being an applicant for appointment as Webmaster.)
Director Montgomery advised that Mike Tilton, the current webmaster, had said that with the website becoming more sophisticated and taking more time, he thought there should be some compensation to do the job. With that being the case, the job was advertised and 4 applicants submitted resumés: Mike Tilton, Darren Conerly, Tina Sands and Aaron Esterline. Their submissions were discussed, and their strengths and weaknesses considered. Aaron Esterline was unanimously appointed to the position. 

(Director Esterline returned to the meeting.) Director Esterline said that the current webmaster had done a good job putting the website together. 

At this point, 2003 projected budget income and expenses were entered in the categories already discussed. The remainder will be projected and entered as reports and relevant issues are discussed.

As to the 2003 roster cover, it was decided that the old style cover would continue to be used, containing the current year convention logo, if available; if not, the NPGA logo would be used.

Archivist/Historian Report
Current Archivist Nancy Fligor wants to resign. It was discussed whether or not we need to continue to store records other than at the Business Manager’s office or in that proximity. Directors Montgomery and Shea-Hepner volunteered to pick up the boxes of records from Fligor and review them. Material to be kept will be sent to Lowell for storage with her other records needing storage, probably in a nearby storage unit. Director Montgomery will notify Nancy Fligor. The report was accepted.

Breed Standard Committee Report
No breed standard changes are contemplated by the committee. The report was accepted.

Certification Committee Report
Two animals completed the Progeny process during 2002, and were approved by the committee. A vacancy on the committee from Region 5 resulted in Lynda Gredin volunteering to be a member. She was appointed. The report was accepted.

Nominations Committee Report
Chair Jamie White advised that she had received some calls after the last election wanting to know the results. She referred all such calls to the president and business manager. She suggested publishing a date when the election results would be available. Director Montgomery advised that during her presidency, she would get calls after the director elections from some of the contestants inquiring as to how many votes they had received. Because this information is not secret, she had been releasing the information. The report was accepted.

Public Relations Committee Report
One applicant for the vacant Chair position was identified as Bob Flickinger from Ohio. He was known to Treasurer Esterline as active in 4H and a regular participant in area goat shows. Vacancies on the committee were discussed. Pres. Granger’s appointment of Bob Flickinger as Chair was approved by the Board. Pres. Granger will notify him of his appointment. 

Show Committee Report
Business Manager Lowell showed the Board a sample Grand Champion ribbon for use in 2003. She also supplied the Board with several options for Wether Certificates (for 3, 6, 9, and 12 wins). The option approved by the Board was for individual certificates on paper resembling the bronze, silver, gold and diamond (formerly slated to be known as platinum) colors for 3, 6, 9, and 12 wins respectively, with a medallion sticker affixed. 

It was discussed that some provisions in Show Rules paragraph I2 needed to be moved to paragraph D for clarity. Directors Montgomery, Shea-Hepner and Esterline would prepare the appropriate proposal. 

Two discussions were held regarding wether wins. First, should we consider retiring a wether after a certain number of wins? Second, should we increase the number of wins needed (from 3 to a larger number) for eligibility to compete in the National Wether Challenge? An informal poll of directors indicated no significant appetite to change the rules. 

The obtaining of the 3 trophies for the National Champions (doe, buck and wether) will be the responsibility of the Show Chair. Directors Adkins and Gredin have leads on trophy sources. The Board decided to auction the existing rotating trophies at the Boise, ID convention this year, the proceeds going to NPGA. 

A question arose on fair shows tightening or loosening our rules to deal with ownership of goats. The Board was opposed to writing any new rules to deal with fairs; show chairs, including fairs, must comply with NPGA Show Rules as a minimum, but may always increase them. The Schedule of Classes is required to be attached to all requests for sanction, and the Schedule of Classes must contain the statement, “NPGA rules to govern and to take precedence over all others.” Show Rules paragraphs A1 & 2 so state. Sanction applications not in compliance are to be returned for correction.

The Show Committee report was accepted.

Youth Committee Report 
Closed Session 
Receipt of the report was acknowledged.

Health, Education and Research Committee Report
Director Kerous mentioned DNA testing for verification of sire and dam; if anyone does it, requirements, etc. No Board direction provided. The Board also did not want any involvement in passing judgment on testing for CAE, CL or Johnnes by goat breeders. The report was accepted.

Publications Committee Report
The Board decided to transfer paragraph 5 of this committee chair’s job description to the Vice President’s job description (Receives current Internet account information, including billing information and account passwords). The remainder of this committee chair’s job description to remain unchanged. The Board affirmed the duty of the Publications Committee to review and edit articles to appear in Memo. The Board agreed that e-mail addresses can be included with articles or letters for publication in Memo; but website listings may not be included. The report was accepted.

Affiliated Clubs Committee Report
Inquiries on starting up new clubs are handled by this committee. Followups are done to see if the clubs do, in fact, start, or if the plans were dropped. An article on the activity of this committee has been submitted to be published in Memo. It was mentioned that Memo should feature an article and photo on all directors and committee chairs. The report was accepted.

Proof of PGCH Status
An extensive discussion was held on whether or not the Show Rules should provide for proving that a goat has attained PGCH status. If so, what would constitute the proof. The principal reason would be to establish eligibility to compete in the National Champion Challenge. Another discussion occurred on the procedures to be employed at the Nationals to verify that status.

Motion 2003-01               Passed               Proposed by: Hoyt/Henwood

Show Rule H5 be added as follows: “Proof that a goat is a Permanent Grand Champion shall be established in either of the following two ways: a. Possession of an original Permanent Grand Champion Certificate issued by NPGA, or b. Possession of original Grand Champion Certificates issued by NPGA, evidence of recent wins which together totals the required number of wins to attain Permanent Grand Champion status (evidence accepted is a copy of the NPGA Report of Awards listing the goat as a Grand Champion), and proof of progeny by Progeny Sticker or Registration Certificate of an offspring.”

Yes: Adkins, Bond, Clark, Esterline, Gredin, Greenberg, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Montgomery, Seiler, Shea-Hepner, Williams. No: None.

Motion 2003-02               Passed               Proposed by: Hoyt/Henwood

Show Rule I1 be amended as follows: 

Subparagraph a. be amended to read: “Champion Challenge class competition consisting only of Permanent Grand Champions for the National Champion…”

The last sentence of subparagraph a. to become subparagraph b.

Current subparagraph b. to be relettered subparagraph e. 

New subparagraph c.: “Proof of Permanent Grand Champion status as outlined in paragraph H5, for both does and bucks, must be furnished to the JTC Chair or his/her designee prior to the commencement of the National Champion Challenge.”

New subparagraph d.: “Goats entered in the National Champion Challenge must have either a legible tattoo or a microchip. Prior to entering the show ring, the goat’s tattoo or microchip will be checked by the JTC Chair or his/her designee to ensure that the numbers match those on the respective Registration Certificates.”

Yes: Adkins, Bond, Clark, Esterline, Gredin, Greenberg, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Mertens, Montgomery, Seiler, Shea-Hepner, Williams. No: Kerous.

The meeting was adjourned for the day at 7:00 PM.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sunday, January 19, 2003 

The meeting was called to order at 8:10 AM by President Bill Granger. All directors were present.

The wether discussion resumed. It was discussed whether or not a Reserve Best Wether could or should record the win if the Best Wether was ineligible (tattoo/microchip, registration papers, etc.). The Board agreed that the Reserve Best Wether should not record the win in these instances.

Arbitration Committee Report 
Closed Session
Receipt of the report was acknowledged.

Motion 2003-03               Passed               Proposed by: Esterline/Montgomery 

Show Rule D4 be renumbered D8. 

D4 be added as follows: “Proof of “Best Wether” award shall be the awarding NPGA licensed judge’s signature on the back of the certification papers in a show in which at least 5 wethers of any age are shown.”

D5 added as follows: “The judge will sign only the certification papers of the “Best Wether” if

a. An original NPGA wether certificate is present at the time the wether is being shown.

b. Tattoo and/or microchip number matches the number on the NPGA wether certificate if the animal is over six (6) months of age.

c. The goat was entered and placed in the correct age class.”

The second, third and fourth sentences of I.2.c.1. be renumbered D6.

I.2.d. be renumbered D7.

Remove subparagraph 1 from I.2.b. and subparagraphs 1 and 2 from I.2.c.

Remove I.2.d. Renumber I.2.c. as I.2.d. Renumber I.2.f. as I.2.e.

Yes: Adkins, Bond, Clark, Esterline, Gredin, Greenberg, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Montgomery, Seiler, Shea-Hepner, Williams. No: None.

Judges Training Committee Report
Closed Session

The Judges Training Committee report was accepted.

The Board completed the budget worksheets, both income and expenses. The budget is balanced.

Exhibitors Showing Judge’s Herdname Goats
There was an extensive discussion on the issue (the 6/02 passage of Show Rule B.3.b.), including some proposals for a time limit imposed on the rule. Time limits mentioned were both 6 months and 1 year. Directors provided information given them by members in their regions. It was mentioned that amending a rule that did not even become effective until January 1, 2003 may be a little premature. No one could say with any degree of certainty that the rule would even cause any problems. This agenda item was tabled for one year on a vote of 12-3 (Gredin, Seiler and Williams voted no). 

All GCHs from Different Judges
The discussion on this item centered around the issue that in areas where small shows are the rule, close-by judges tend to be used more often to lessen expenses. It was mentioned that, generally speaking, the proposal would be a good rule change, but not if the change works a hardship on smaller shows. The Directors were practically split down the middle on the issue. It was agreed to table this agenda item to the June 2003 meeting; Director Henwood is to gather data from the show database to determine the frequency of double wins by judges.

Special Character for Does with Ten Kids
Regarding the Rule change in 2001 to Rules and Regulations, paragraph 4E, a plus sign (+) is to be added to the end of the registered name of any doe that has produced 10 registered kids. This sign will be on the pedigree and in the herdbook. This agenda item had to do with the sign being automatically added at no charge to the goat’s owner, but a charge would occur if a new Registration Certificate for the recognized doe were requested. This agenda item was unanimously approved; no rule changes necessary.

Trophy Top For Sale to Public
This agenda item proposed making available a goat for use on the top of trophies. Director Williams showed the Board a prototype. Director Williams to form a committee to study the availability of drawings, previously used molds, etc. and report back to the Board in June 2003. 

New Rule Changes to Memo or Members
Two proposals were discussed. First, that any proposed rule changes must be printed in Memo prior to voting. The other was that any proposed rule changes must be presented to the entire membership for their vote. Business Manager Lowell advised the Board that a ballot to the membership, with all attendant costs, totals $816. The Board discussed these two proposals and decided that implementation would be too time-consuming, expensive and cumbersome to do NPGA’s business. There was no appetite on the Board to change the rules.

Felony Convictions – No Judge’s License
The discussion on this agenda item expanded into the feasibility of background checks on people who handle our money, committee chairs, directors, judges, Memo Editor, Business Manager, and department heads. After some discussion, the matter was tabled to the June 2003 meeting.

Contracts Reviewed by Attorney
The Board considered the need for our contracts to be reviewed by an attorney. Also, a contract needs to be written for the publisher of Memo, not just for the Editor. Office manager Dori Lowell was instructed by the board to seek legal advice on contracts, applications, background checks and NPGA liability for judges. The contract review matter was tabled to the June 2003 meeting.

Convention 2003 Update
Director Montgomery advised the Board that the NPGA website was updated approx. two weeks ago with the latest convention information. Convention T-Shirts can be ordered on the site, and the Schedule of Classes is also listed. The motel contract has been done; reservations are already being taken. The convention show may schedule wethers and showmanship on Friday night instead of Saturday morning

Delinquent Dues
The Board discussed what to do when judges, directors and committee chairs become delinquent in their NPGA dues. Business Manager Lowell to notify the Executive Committee when such incidents occur.

Liability Insurance Available for Local Shows
A discussion was held on the feasibility of NPGA providing liability insurance for local shows upon request of the sponsoring entity. When the sanction is applied for, the applicant could indicate whether or not liability insurance is being requested. Other animal associations (American Dairy Goat Association, for one) are known to make such insurance available for shows. Business Manager Lowell will look into this possibility.

Budget Approval
The Board adopted the 2003 Budget on a unanimous vote.

National Champion Challenge Voting System
Director Montgomery thought there may be a better and fairer way to select the National Champions. Some revisions and variations to the existing system were discussed. A committee of Directors Montgomery and Adkins, and JTC chair Kim Yates will be soliciting ideas for changes.

January 2004 Board Meeting Site
The January 2004 Board meeting will be held on the usual weekend – Martin Luther King weekend. Various sites mentioned were Phoenix, Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas or Orlando.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Henwood


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