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NPGA Board of Directors Meeting
Orlando, FL
January 17-18, 2004

Saturday January 17, 2004.

President Bill Granger called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM. Present were President Bill Granger, Vice President Ray Hoyt, Secretary Linda Henwood, Treasurer Aaron Esterline, Directors Mark Adkins, Lynda Gredin, Mary Beth Guenther, Stacy Hamilton, Carol Hepner, Joyce Hubbard, Theresa McPhedran, Red Mertens, Bobbie Montgomery, John Murray, Andy Nash and Susan Seiler, and Business Manager Dori Lowell.

Pres. Granger had everyone in attendance introduce themselves and which region they represented.

All Directors having an interest in running for office were asked to declare their interest in each position.

Vice President’s Report
Since the June Board meeting this office has dealt with a number of time consuming issues.

On July 15, 2003, Larry Speed resigned as chair of the Arbitration Committee. The President appointed an interim chair. As the liaison to NPGA committees, I provided procedural guidance to the interim chair as the process went forward. A number of incoming complaints were referred to the interim chair for investigation.

Two NPGA manuals have been prepared, one by the Judges Training Committee (Showmanship Manual), and the other by the Show Committee (Guidelines for Hosting a Pygmy Goat Show). The Publications Committee has reviewed both.

I have participated in the NPGA Organizational Study, assigned at the last Board meeting to Aaron Esterline, Bobbie Montgomery, Dori Lowell and I. Aaron has taken the lead in this effort and coordinated our activities. A progress report will be presented to the Board.

At the last Board meeting, paragraph 7C2 was added to the Rules and Regulations to provide that “Committee chairs shall sign a statement at the bottom of both the NPGA Committee Chair’s job description and the particular job description for their respective committees that they have read, understand and will comply with their job descriptions.” Those signed statements are all on file.

I was assigned earlier this year to survey all committee chairs to determine the type, volume, and use of files and records kept by each committee. Five questions were asked of each chair, and the answers compiled. The results of this survey have been passed to the President, and will dovetail into the activities of the committee studying the NGPA organization mentioned above.

Fran Bishop has submitted her resignation as Chair of the Youth Committee, to be effective at the January Board meeting. She says “I have enjoyed being a part of this committee and the chairperson, however I feel I can’t do justice to the position because of my involvement in other areas of NPGA.” She has agreed to serve as a member of the committee should a new chair deem it acceptable. I already have a request from a member of the committee from Region 7 to serve as its chair (Patricia Kaufmann). This vacancy will have to be advertised in Memo, but we certainly should have an interim chair in place during the pendency of this process.

As most of you are aware, I conducted the oversight of the scoring of the National Champion Challenge at the Boise convention in the absence of President Bill Granger. Using the scoring system prescribed in the Show Rules, i.e., the goat with the most first places will be the National Champion, it became very apparent to me that the system provides no ability to determine the overall comparison of the goats placed to each other. A number of people asked me after the competition how certain goats finished, and there was no way to determine any relative positions. I brought the individual judge’s ballots home with me from Boise and tested a point system to see what the results would be. I arbitrarily assigned points to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places as 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 respectively. There was NO CHANGE to the winners in all three categories (does, bucks and wethers), but it gave a much better picture of how each goat did in relation to the other goats with which they competed. The JTC was assigned the task at the last Board meeting to make a recommendation at the January 2004 meeting on National Champion scoring. A recommendation is included in the JTC report.

Secretary’s Report
The minutes of the June 2003 Board Meeting were accepted.

Motion # 2004-01       Passed               Proposed By Esterline/Montgomery

Secretaries Job Description item 4 be amended as follows:
Sends drafts of minutes to other members of the Executive Committee for review. Upon approval by the Executive Committee, copies of the complete version will be sent to all Directors for approval. Directors will be given 7 days to provide input. Upon approval by the majority of the Board members, copies of the published version will be sent to all Committee chairs, the MEMO Editor for publication, and the Webmaster for posting on NPGA’s website.

YES: Adkins, Granger, Gredin, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hepner, Hoyt, Hubbard, McPhedran, Mertens, Montgomery, Murray, Nash, Seiler. NO: NONE

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Esterline stated the 2003 picture looked better than previously projected due to the fee increases and the lateness of MEMO. The report was accepted.

9:00 am Nomination for Officers
Nomination for officers were taken; President Aaron Esterline, Vice-President Ray Hoyt, Secretary Mark Adkins, Treasurer Linda Henwood. There was no opposition and all nominees were elected unanimously.

President Esterline stated that we would go over the budget as each item came up during the meeting.

Central Office Report
• Final numbers were not in till January 14th so Dori gave those numbers as of December 8th.
• There were no significant complaints. Operations continue to go smoothly. All equipment seems to be functioning fine.
• Price increases - Due to the lateness of Harvest/Fall issue of MEMO, many members were not informed of the price increases that took effect October 1st. By late November almost all paper work was submitted with correct payment. No complaints regarding price increases were received.
• Ellen Kritzman offered some old correspondence that may be of interest to NPGA. Dori will get back on this.
• Ellen also offered to donate to NPGA a yearling doe skeleton. The Board graciously accepted the donation and suggested that it be made available for the convention host to put on display. The convention host would be responsible for shipping cost.
• Central Office procedure manual is being updated as time allows.
• Productivity Certificates are now available to Does who have had 10 or more kids for a $3.00 fee.
• A storage unit is not needed at this time.
• Report accepted.

Merchandise Report
• It has been a very good year for sales with over $18,000.00 taken in. The big seller being the Patriotic T-shirt and sweatshirts.
• Will send non-working capital to central office to put into a CD.
• The report was accepted.

Webmaster Report
• Breeders’ listing continues to be updated in a timely manner (110 requests).
• Jewel is now handling the updates to the Show list.
• There are now 15 different image bars with photos submitted from 85 different members.
• The New Website was launched on April 20th. Between then and December 5th we had 49,690 visitors, sold $10,271.44 in Merchandise and services, and had 116 new members join through the website.
• The Webmaster would like to work with the JTC to create a special section of the website dedicated to the information that judges need.
• Aaron offered his resignation as Webmaster. THE BOARD REJECTED HIS RESIGNATION.
• The report was accepted.

MOTION # 2004-02      Passed              Proposed By Nash/Hepner

A new item 12 be placed on the Webmasters Job Description.
All Breeders with a youth membership will be listed on the Youth Breeders page of the website.  NPGA’s non-youth Breeders list will list Herdname, Name, Address, Phone Number, E-Mail and Website link only.

YES: Adkins, Granger, Gredin, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hepner, Hoyt, Hubbard, McPhedran, Mertens, Montgomery, Murray, Nash, Seiler. NO: NONE

Memo Report
• MEMO advertising remains fairly consistent with a couple of exchange ads brought in by Bob Flickinger.
• One advertiser has stopped doing their ad in color. The initial reaction to the rate increase was negative until the reason was explained. Then it was received well.
• Concern over the cost of the back cover being a half page vs. a full-page ad inside (the cost is the same).
• Show results being sent in on disc are on the increase. The majority still being sent in the old way. The number of people sending in photos on disc is on the increase, which saves NPGA money.
• The MEMO Editor expressed the need for more people to submit photos and articles.
• The Board expressed the need for more communication from the Editor. The Vice-President will act as liaison.
• Color cover vs. black and white cover will be dictated by the budget.
• MEMO report accepted.

The Roster
The Roster was discussed. The need for Committee Chairs and members being printed in the Roster was discussed. This hasn’t been done and needs to in the next one. Darren will be asked if he will do it for the same price as last year.

The cost of the January Board meeting was discussed. A committee was formed composed of Lynda Gredin, Linda Henwood and Dori Lowell to find a hotel with airport shuttle service for the January Board meeting. It was suggested that we might consider changing the Rules & Regulations (1.a Board actions and Board meetings) to set a permanent site for the January Board meeting. The committee will make its recommendations to the Board in June.

Affiliated Clubs
There are 46 clubs listed as affiliated clubs
Information packets have been sent to groups in Texas, Ohio and California. No new clubs have been listed.
The report was accepted.

Breed Standard
Linda Carpenter and Michael O’Kelly rotated off and have been replaced by Becky Conerly and Fran Bishop.
There have been a few requests for clarification of the Breed Standard, all by e-mail. None of these needed committee action.
There is an ongoing project to better define random markings, as well as breed markings, and their relative faulting. Coinciding with this project, the committee worked on some rewording of the Breed Standard to add the classification “Moderate” to faulting the Breed markings and random markings. The Guidelines for Judging Pygmy Goats will also need rewording to reflect these changes.
Report accepted as amended

MOTION # 2004-12     Passed            Proposed By Adkins/Hepner.

The Breed Standard be changed as follows:
Markings - a. Breed-specific markings are required: muzzle, forehead/crown, eyes, and ears are accented in tones
lighter than the dark portion of the body in goats of all colors, except in goats that are solid black. Front and
rear hoofs and cannons (socks) are darker than the main body coat, as are crown, dorsal stripe, and martingale
except in the solid black. On all caramel goats, light vertical stripes on the front sides of darker socks are required.
b. Optional markings: Light areas (on darker backgrounds) that appear as complete or partial girth belts are
acceptable. All other patches are faulted moderate to very serious.
c. A complete lack of all Breed-specific markings is disqualifying.

Guidelines for Judging Pygmy Goats:
A complete lack of all Breed-specific markings is disqualifying.

Wording in Reasons Column:
Weak or missing markings, or markings other than those specified, detract from pygmy type & may challenge breed identity; evaluate extent of detraction as Moderate, Serious, Very Serious.

YES: Adkins, Granger, Gredin, Hamilton, Henwood, Hepner, Hoyt, Hubbard, McPhedran, Mertens, Montgomery, Murray, Nash, Seiler. NO: NONE

Certification Committee
For the period of January 1st, 03 to December 31st, 03 one animal, which lacked breed-specific markings, was rotated through the committee for review. There was a unanimous decision that the goat should not be registered due to the absence of the breed-specific markings. No other animals have been rotated. 

Progeny Division: 11 new progeny applications since January 2003, which brings the total number of applicants to 186 since June 1990. Four animals completed the process and have been approved this year.  Two committee members resigned. One from Region 2 and one from Region 7. Looking for members in Region 2 and 3.

Progeny process updated to add -The reviewer will also check the applicant for disqualifying traits such as non conformity of height cannon; hernias (scrotal & umbilical); natural hornlessness; roman nose; face crooked; disfiguring malocclusion; ears pendulous; multiple orifice in bucks; non functioning or bi-furcal teats in does; blue eyes. Please be aware all fees are non-refundable. Does: two of these kids may have been born prior to starting the progeny process, however, one set must be born after you have submitted your initial progeny application. Bucks: four of the eight kids may have been born prior to starting the progeny process, however, four must be born after you have submitted your initial progeny application.
The report was accepted.

MOTION # 2004-04    Passed      Proposed By Hamilton/Montgomery

Rules and Regulations 4. C be revised to read:
“Only the offspring of two NPGA registered animals or animals that have successfully completed the progeny
process are eligible for registration.”

YES: Adkins, Granger, Gredin, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hepner, Hoyt, Hubbard, McPhedran, Mertens, Montgomery, Murray, Nash, Seiler. NO: NONE

Judges Training
Showmanship Manual - will include an acknowledgement page on the inside. It will contain the revised goat drawings done by George Starbuck. It will be sent to the judges for review and then to Publications.

Closed Session

The Showmanship Manual was approved pending a final review by the Board (via e-mail) after the suggested changes and a review by the Judges is complete. The Executive Committee will handle the revisions and collecting feedback. The goal is to have the manual in print by Convention. The cost of the new manual will be $10.00.

Closed Session

National Champion scoring system was discussed and the following motion was made.

Motion # 2004-05      Passed          Proposed By Nash/Granger

Show Rule I. 1 a be amended to read:
Champion Challenge Class competition only of Permanent Grand Champions for the National Champion trophy shall be judged by a panel of judges in attendance at the convention who do not own any goats being judged or have any goat with their Herdname being judged. Each judge shall write his/her top three placings on a scorecard, and they will be tallied by the NPGA President or a replacement the President delegates.
1. The placings will be scored 1st place=5points, 2nd place=3points, 3rd place=1point.
2. The goat with the most points will be the National Champion. If two or more goats are tied then.
3. The winner will be whichever tied goat has the most 1st places. If there is still a tie then.
4. The winner will be whichever tied goat has the most 2nd places, then 3rd places. If there is still a tie then Co-National Champions will be awarded.

YES: Adkins, Granger, Gredin, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hepner, Hoyt, Hubbard, McPhedran, Mertens, Montgomery, Murray, Nash, Seiler. NO: NONE

JTS Written Exam Scoring System Change – JTC proposes that an applicant must earn a grade of at least 75% in each section and an overall grade of 80% or higher in order to pass the written exam. This was tabled but would be approved provided the changes to the manual and a study guide for the test be available.
JTS Candidate Scoring System Change – JTC recommends that the passing grade of the JTS candidate must be at least 80%. Not Approved.
Judges Yearly Dues - Request denied.
Judges Dress Code -

Motion # 2004-13      Passed         Proposed By Hubbard/Adkins

The Code of Ethics for Judges be amended as follows:
Add the following “No blue jeans, open-toed shoes, or shorts. Deviations from this are acceptable if agreed to between the local show chair and the judge, in writing, in advance.”

YES: Adkins, Granger, Gredin, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hepner, Hoyt, Hubbard, McPhedran, Mertens, Montgomery, Murray, Nash, Seiler. NO: NONE

Apprenticeships, Rules regarding apprenticeship or show observers – sent back to the committee for more clarification.
Article on judging the milking doe class will go to JTC for review and then to Publications then to MEMO.
JTC report accepted as amended.

Public Relations
Proposal -
1. To continue to seek out publications willing to do exchange advertising.
2. To request an increase in the budget to pursue advertising in nationally distributed magazines.
3. A modified exchange advertising deal which would generate money for advertising by selling ad space in MEMO to a publication and then in turn using that money to place an ad in their publication. This would help jump the policy hurdle of no exchange advertising.
4. The committee is will have a camera-ready ad created that they can use to swap with other publications.
The report was accepted.

There is an opening in Region 6. The committee continues to review articles prior to publication in MEMO.
Guidelines for Hosting a Pygmy Goat Show- minor changes needed to be made. The cost will remain $5.00. Guidelines approved pending revisions.
The report was accepted.

Show Committee
There was a discussion regarding putting a cap on the number of wins each wether can have, and creating a Champion Challenge class for platinum wethers to compete in. This was sent back to the committee for more clarification with input from Mary-Beth Guenther, Aaron Esterline and Stacy Hamilton.
Jewel will be directed to change show sanction application to indicate that if wether shows are scheduled, the fee is $16.50 per show. A set of wether ribbons and a Report of Awards will be furnished. Effective immediately.
The report was accepted.

Motion # 2004-06     Inactive       Proposed By Hamilton/Hepner

This motion has been declared null and void as it conflicts with motion 1981-09

YES: Adkins, Granger, Gredin, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hepner, Hoyt, Hubbard, McPhedran, Mertens, Montgomery, Murray, Nash, Seiler. NO: NONE


Closed Session

Exhibiting Goats in Judge’s Herdname
After lengthy discussion this rule remains with the following amendment:

Motion # 2004-07      Passed          Proposed By Hubbard/Montgomery

Rule B 3b be amended to remove the “non” from the sanctioned 4-H/youth shows.

YES: Adkins, Granger, Gredin, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hepner, Hoyt, Hubbard, McPhedran, Mertens, Montgomery, Murray, Nash, Seiler. NO: NONE

Procedures for Unpaid Membership Dues
If dues aren’t paid by December 31st for Directors, Judges, Committee Chairs you are no longer a member therefore you are no longer a Judge, Director or Committee Chair. Notification of loss of membership and position will come from the President with a copy to all other parties that are affected, through written communication.

Closed Session

Organization Study
The Committee was formed to look at positioning NPGA for an Executive Director and have more accountability from committees. This committee has been communicating over the past several months through e-mail and phone calls regarding NPGA’s mission and strategy for supporting that mission. We have created a mission statement and objectives, listed out the service that NPGA offers, and evaluated each committee to see if any changes are necessary. The Board agreed that the committee was on the right track with this study. This will be brought up in June for more input.

Meeting Adjourned 11:00 pm

Meeting Called to Order at 8:00 am January 18th

Closed Session

New Business
O. The Board wished to reinforce “That it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to make sure goats are tattooed/microchiped” and that the tattoo/microchip must be recorded on the registration paper.

Motion 2004-03         Passed           Proposed By: Hoyt/Henwood

Sections” 9. Nominations Procedures”, “10. Election Procedures” of the Rules & Regulations be replace with the following:

Nomination Procedures
A. Nominations for the next Director or Vacancy Replacement Director in each region will be open to the membership immediately following the January Board Meeting, and remain open until August 15th each year.
B. Notification of such vacancies shall appear in every MEMO, which will be received by the membership between January 15th and August 15th each year. This notification will include a sample nomination form.
C. Eligibility requirements
1. Must be at least 18 years of age by August 15th of the year in which the nomination is made.
2. Must be a voting member in good standing according to NPGA Central Office records at the time of nomination, and remain in good standing through the nomination and election cycle.
3. Must have resided in the region for which he/she has been nominated for a minimum of 6 months prior to the close of nominations. Residency is defined as the primary residence and verifiable by a driver’s license or state ID.
4. The Business Manager, MEMO Editor, Merchandise Department Head, and chairs of the Arbitration, Nominations and Judges Training Committees are not eligible for nomination, nor are any members of their respective households.
5. No other member of the same household as a sitting Director is eligible for nomination.
D. For Director three written nominations, on the NPGA form or facsimile thereof, and bearing the original signatures of the nominators, are required, for the Vacancy Replacement Director, only one is required. One of the three may be a self-nomination by the prospective nominee. Nominators must be voting members in good standing, and all nominators of a given nominee must possess separate NPGA membership numbers. Fax and e-mail nominations will not be accepted.
E. All nominations must reach the Nominations Chair no later than August 15th each year. At this point, the Nominations Chair will forward the nominee information to the Business Manager for confirmation of eligibility as outlined in paragraph C.
F. An automatic candidate is defined as a director who, through the normal election process, has completed one or two 2-year terms. Automatic candidates are absolved of the nominations procedures as outlined in paragraph D.
G. All nominees, including automatic candidates, must formally accept their nominations by submitting an autobiography of 150 words or less. This autobiography must reach the Nominations Chair no later than September 1st, otherwise the nominee or automatic candidate will not be eligible for election. The submitted autobiographies will be checked by the Nominations Chair for proper length, that they include only pertinent facts about the candidates’ past activities and qualifications, and do not include endorsements or derogatory comments.
H. Immediately following the reception of all nominations and acceptable autobiographies, and verification of eligibility of all nominees, the Nominations Chair will submit the official slate to the Executive Committee for final approval.

Election Procedures
A. Per section 4.3 of the Bylaws, in the event there is either no candidate or a single candidate running in a particular region, elections in that region will be eliminated. If there is no candidate, that directorship will be vacant for two years, and its remaining director will serve the region. If there is only one candidate, that unopposed candidate will be deemed elected.
B. All ballots will be prepared and mailed from the Central Office by September 15th to be returned postmarked by October 15th. Ballots returned after the deadline will not be counted.
C. All completed election ballots will be sent to a designated auditor that has no affiliation with NPGA for counting and will be verified by a notary public. The election results, as counted by the auditor and verified by the notary public, will be provided in writing directly to the NPGA President with a copy to the Central Office. No other person will be informed of the election results until the President has had time to personally notify the winning and losing candidates.
D. Any tie in the election for the Board of Directors will be decided by written vote by the existing Board members, with their ballots certified and counted by a notary public.
E. Successful candidates for election will assume the duties of their office on the ensuing January 1st.
F. The current year ballots and two previous year’s ballots will be stored at Central Office. Prior year’s ballots will be destroyed.

YES: Adkins, Granger, Gredin, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hepner, Hoyt, Hubbard, McPhedran, Mertens, Montgomery, Murray, Nash, Seiler. NO: NONE

Motion 2004-10     Passed          Proposed By: Esterline/Henwood

We amend the Rules & Regulations as follows:
4.A Herd names must be registered prior to registering goats. The cost of registering a herd name shall be $10.00 for NPGA members and $50.00 for non-members.

4.C Only the offspring of two NPGA registered animals or animals that have successfully completed the progeny testing process are eligible for registration. The registration fees for members are $6.00 for Does, $10.00 for Bucks and $4.00 for wethers. Registration fees for non-members are $15.00 for Does, $20.00 for bucks and $8.00 for wethers. Transfer fees for Does, Bucks, and wethers are $4.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members. Registration certificate errors shall be corrected for $3.00. Duplicate certificates may be requested for $3.00.

YES: Adkins, Granger, Gredin, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hepner, Hoyt, Hubbard, McPhedran, Mertens, Montgomery, Murray, Nash, Seiler. NO: NONE

Motion # 2004-14    Passed        Proposed By: Esterline/Gredin

Rules & Regulations 7.C.1 be amended as follows:
All openings for NPGA Chairpersons shall be advertised in MEMO with the exception of the JTC Chair in which a notice shall be mailed directly to all licensed judges. Interested candidate…

YES: Adkins, Granger, Gredin, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hepner, Hoyt, Hubbard, McPhedran, Mertens, Montgomery, Murray, Nash, Seiler. NO: NONE

New Business
Add rules pertaining to judges to the Rule & Regulations - after some discussion the JTC was asked to prepare a list of current requirements and present them at the June meeting.

Examination of bites at shows by judges - this was tabled until June for further research.

Establish guidelines/video for JTS - tabled. Andy Nash will look into the cost of having a Video done professionally.

Adding a symbol for National Champions - tabled till June so that Dori could look into the cost.

Lower the age of Senior Does to 18 months so that Does that are 18 to 24 months old don’t always win Junior Champion - tabled till June so that Director can poll the membership.

Physically holding a part of the goat in the ring to enhance the appearance - The Board felt that this is part of showmanship and will continue to be allowed.

Exhibitors drinking alcohol at shows - the Board felt it was up to the local show chair to handle.

Mistreatment of animals - The Board felt that any complaints of maltreatment of animals should be handled through the Arbitration Committee.

Remembering “Friends of NPGA” - There will be a spot on the website for the remembrance of any NPGA members who has passed away.

The Board of Directors would like to thank the Florida Pygmy Goat Club for the generous fruit basket.

Meeting Adjourned 3:45 pm January 18th

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Adkins


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