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NPGA Board of Directors Meeting
Wooster, Ohio
June 20-21, 2002

Thursday, June 20, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 8:18 AM by President Bobbie Montgomery. Present were President Bobbie Montgomery, Vice President Bill Granger, Secretary Ray Hoyt, Treasurer Linda Carpenter, Directors Fran Bishop, Debbie Bond, Wayne Clark, MaryBeth Guenther, Stacy Hamilton, Linda Henwood, Sue Kerous, Red Mertens, Carol Shea-Hepner, George Starbuck, and Barbara Williams, and Business Manager Dori Lowell. Pres. Montgomery welcomed Linda Henwood and Sue Kerous to the Board.

Vice President’s Report
Vice President Granger advised that there was still one committee chair vacant: Public Relations. He commented that the Show Committee was running smoothly; Chair Jewel Floch was doing a good job.

Secretary’s Report
A written report was distributed to all directors, describing some procedural matters performed by the Secretary, and also requesting that the Board members acknowledge receipt of all e-mails directed to them. 

Minutes of Previous Meeting
On a motion by Fran Bishop, second by George Starbuck, the minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously accepted.

Treasurer’s Report
Pres. Montgomery thanked Linda Carpenter for stepping in as Treasurer. The association is doing well financially.

Central Office Report

  • Business Manager Dori Lowell advised that promotional photos are needed for answering inquiries.

  • Registration Certificates have been revised – transfer form is printed on the back.

  • She advised that she has purchased a new laser printer.

  • Financial Reports are back on track and are to be disseminated monthly.

  • CPA Report was distributed to the directors.

  • The annual roster is to be out within the next 30 days. It is not yet paid for.

  • Dori advised that she had had an inquiry from Texas about pygmy goats. She sent a photo out with the information. A Texas electric company published the photo, causing Dori to be inundated with inquiries. Director Hamilton helped field the calls (125-130 at least). The Public Relations Committee should get involved in these matters.

  • Several Memo issues were discussed – receiving checks from the Editor, publishing of phone numbers, post office delays, etc. Pres. Montgomery has already complained directly to the post office branch involved. Sec. Hoyt distributed a current directory of committee chairs, and department heads. It is also to be distributed to the Editor and Webmaster. A new Director list is also to be distributed. Vice Pres. Granger advised that maybe some thought should be given to having these listings maintained by a non-rotating person, like the Business Manager. A discussion ensued on changes to the website, how often, show information, breeders, etc. The website needs to say that changes are being made every so often, and who to contact for which kinds of changes/updates. A form in Memo for Change of Address was discussed; Bus. Mgr. Lowell will handle.

  • The report was accepted.

Memo Report
A discussion was held on finding and writing articles, use of photos, digital photos vs. photographs, Memo ads for convention, etc. It was mentioned that the quality of Memo’s appearance is better than it has ever been. Publication timing, and communications with the Board and committee chairs continue to be worked on. The Board needs to provide better direction, and relevant issues should be made a part of the Editor’s contract. Pres. Montgomery reminded the directors of their requirement to contribute at least twice a year to Memo. The report was accepted.

Webmaster Report
Pres. Montgomery advised the Board that the webmaster is getting changes at the rate of between one to five per day. The job is becoming too time consuming for a volunteer. The current webmaster, Michael Tilton, has resigned the position. Pres. Montgomery has asked him if he would reconsider if the job was a paid position. The Board then discussed whether or not we needed to advertise the position if it is a paid one, and should a contract with the webmaster so reflect. It was decided yes to both questions. 

Motion 2002-12               Passed                Proposed by: Guenther/Hamilton

The Webmaster position be a paid position, subject to a contract with NPGA, and be put out to bid.

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck and Williams. No: None. Absent: Greenberg.

A committee was appointed by Pres. Montgomery to develop the job specifications and bid sheet. Bids will be due November 1, 2002; selection will be finalized at the January 2003 Board meeting. A discussion was held on how NPGA should compensate the webmaster through January 2003. There was unanimous approval to give Michael Tilton $250 to be acting webmaster if he’ll accept. The report was accepted.

Certification Committee Report
The report was accepted.

Arbitration Committee Report
There are currently no complaints before the Arbitration Committee. The report was accepted.

Nominations Committee Report
The report was accepted.

Public Relations Committee Report
No chair, no report submitted. Recruitment is needed for a chair for this committee.

Show Committee Report
Director Guenther led a discussion on Permanent Grand Champions at the National Show having their certificates in possession in order to show in the National Champion Challenge. The discussion moved into when PGCH status officially occurs. Does it occur upon achieving the last win (3 for does, 4 for bucks), or 21 days later when the certificates are issued? If the status occurs when the certificate is issued, then the goat may be shown until the certificate is issued – could have 5, 6, or 7 wins. A show rule may be needed to require proof of PGCH status to show in the Nationals; however, none was proposed. It was agreed that PGCH status occurs upon achieving the last win (assuming all other requirements have been met). PGCH certificates will be sent immediately upon receiving the last win. The Show Committee Chair’s job description will be changed to so reflect. 

Regarding ribbons, this year’s wether ribbons were shorter, but were supposed to be the same length as the others. Dori advised that the ribbon supplier made the mistake, and that Jewel is looking for a new supplier. Director Bishop suggested a poll in Memo on color choices. 

Best Wether awards (bronze, silver, gold and platinums) have not yet been decided; a question arose on whether or not the Board should revisit the issue of a maximum number of wins before retirement. No resolution on that issue. Dori will check on the Best Wether awards and pass on to the Executive Committee.

Regarding the National Champion trophies, the Board was advised that both the rotating and permanent trophies have been handled for this year.

A discussion arose regarding restricted shows; specifically, can local fairs make more rules than the minimums imposed by NPGA? Should NPGA even be involved in things like this? An informal poll of the directors was to leave NPGA’s rules alone. Show Chair Floch was looking for some guidance on this matter; Pres. Montgomery will talk to her.

Motion 2002-13                 Passed                 Proposed by: Starbuck/Mertens

The Show Committee Chair’s stipend be increased to $600 yearly, to be paid July 1st of each year.

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck and Williams. No: None. Absent: Greenberg.

A discussion was held on trophies. Director Bishop had a sample rotating trophy; our current ones are full. Director Starbuck volunteered to make a box for transporting rotating trophies. Directors Henwood and Starbuck said they liked the old trophies style and appearance. Director Guenther displayed the current buck rotating trophy. An informal poll of the directors was in favor of doing away with the rotating trophies. Those currently out there will be sent to the Central Office. There was also a discussion on whether or not to have a minimum number of judges present at the National Champion Challenge. An informal poll of directors was not in favor of any such rule.

Motion 2002-14                 Passed                 Proposed by: Hoyt/Kerous

Paragraph I.1.a & b of the Show Rules be amended (to eliminate rotating trophies) as follows:
First, at the end of I.1.a, change the next to last sentence to read, “…to qualify as a win for the National Champion Challenge.”
Second, strike the last sentence of paragraph I.1.a.
Last, in paragraph I.1.b, change to read, “…will receive a trophy…”

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck and Williams. No: None. Absent: Greenberg.

Youth Committee Report
Director Guenther advised that the second place winner in the coloring contest was slated to appear on this year’s Membership Roster cover. There was unanimous agreement that the roster covers need to stay as they have always been. They are easier to recognize, and not likely to be mistaken for regular issues of Memo. There was a question raised on who selected the contest winners. 

It was agreed that the scholarship amount should stay at $250 for another year. A single, standardized version of the application needs to be used. 

Pres. Montgomery will ask Chair Nancy Simpson if her request for a $25 increase for expenses is for this year, or for the 2003 budget year. If they are for this year, and she is over budget, she can apply for reimbursement. An increase for 2003 can be requested in the January budget request. The report was accepted.

Health, Education and Research Committee Report
The report was accepted.

Publications Committee Report
Regarding the Region 5 vacancy on the committee, Director Barbara Williams volunteered. The report was accepted.

Affiliated Clubs Committee Report
No report submitted in time for distribution.

USDA Scrapie Program
Pres. Montgomery advised that all that was needed to transport our goats interstate was either a premise ID, tattoo or microchip for identification. 

Reapportionment of the Regions
Director Starbuck reported on the plan to more evenly distribute the membership among the eight regions. He advised that the total membership divided by the eight regions would ideally result in 232 members per region. A discussion occurred on which regions had more than 232, and which had less, and how his reapportionment plan would reduce the over and under numbers. Director Starbuck was to produce a chart with proposed changes later in the meeting.

Residency Requirement for Director
The Board, at its January 2002 meeting, attempted to change the Rules and Regulations to eliminate the 6 month residency requirement to run for the Board. Because the Bylaws also contained the residency requirement, and such residency requirement was still intact, no change was made. There was a discussion on how and when the residency requirement was first put into the Bylaws. 

A sub-issue was also discussed, that being how the Bylaws can be amended by either the members or the Board of Directors. There was general agreement that the Board needed to maintain the current position of informing the membership prior to adopting, amending or repealing any Bylaws section. 

The Board is soliciting comments and suggestions from the membership on both of these issues:

  • Should the residency requirement in Section 4.1 of the Bylaws be removed?

  • Should Article VI of the Bylaws be rewritten to more clearly spell out how the Bylaws may be amended by both the members and by the Board?

Reapportionment of the Regions (cont’d)
Director Starbuck presented the following proposal involving the region change of 4 states:
                 Utah: From Region 1 to Region 2
                 Arizona: From Region 7 to Region 3
                 Pennsylvania: From Region 4 to Region 5
                 Indiana: From Region 4 to Region 6

He advised the Board that the deviation from the average of 232 would be reduced by these changes, and represented that he knew of no affected members that would object to the changes.

Vacancy Replacement Director
This item was tabled until the January 2003 meeting. 

Motion 2002-15                 Passed                 Proposed by: Hoyt/Bishop

Bylaws Section 4.18.a,b,c be amended as follows:

a. SCOPE – To the fullest extent permitted by the Washington Nonprofit Corporation Act, the Corporation shall indemnify any duly elected or appointed director, officer, employee, NPGA-licensed judge, committee member or volunteer of the corporation made a party to a proceeding because the person is or was a director, officer, employee, NPGA-licensed judge, committee member or volunteer of the corporation, against liability incurred in that proceeding; provided, however, no indemnification pursuant to this provision shall indemnify any director, officer, employee, NPGA-licensed judge, committee member or volunteer from or on account of (1) any breach of the director’s officer’s, employee’s, NPGA-licensed judge’s, committee member’s or volunteer’s duty of loyalty to the corporation, (2) acts or omissions not in good faith or involving intentional misconduct or a knowing violation of the law, (3) any unlawful distribution under Washington law, or (4) any transaction from which the director, officer, employee, NPGA-licensed judge, committee member or volunteer derived an improper personal benefit.

b. ADVANCEMENT OF EXPENSES – The corporation shall pay for or reimburse the reasonable expenses incurred by a director, officer, employee, NPGA-licensed judge, committee member or volunteer who is a party to a proceeding in advance of the final disposition of the proceeding to the fullest extent permitted by Washington law.

c. CERTAIN DEFINITIONS – For purposes of the Section, the terms director, expenses, liability, officer, party and proceedings shall have the meanings given to them as defined by Washington law in effect as of the date this Section becomes effective. All other terms shall have the usual and customary dictionary meanings given to them.

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck and Williams. No: None. Absent: Greenberg.

Motion 2002-16                 Passed                 Proposed by: Hoyt/Henwood

“Housekeeping” changes be made to the Bylaws as follows:
                 Section 2.2 When fees were moved to the Rules & Regulations, the title of this section should have been changed from CLASSIFICATION AND FEES to CLASSIFICATION.
                 Section 2.3 Lacked title. To be consistent with other sections, a title is needed and has been added: EXEMPTION FROM DUES.
                 Section 4.2 Corrected reference in text from 4.6 to 4.7.
                 Section 6.3 Typo corrected from “adapt” to “adopt.”
                 Section 8.1 Corrected grammar – “…issued in the name of or payable to…”
                 Section 9.4 First, corrected bad grammar in the middle sentence. It should read, “In October of each year thereafter, the Business Manager shall prepare…during the year, and this record shall be reviewed…” Second, the last sentence is corrected to read, “The Business Manager may request a member of the Board to prepare…”

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt,Kerous, Mertens, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck and Williams. No: None. Absent: Greenberg.

Motion 2002-17                 Passed                 Proposed by: Williams/Hamilton

The regions be reapportioned as follows, effective 7-1-02:
                 Utah: To Region 2 from Region 1
                 Arizona: To Region 3 from Region 7
                 Pennsylvania: To Region 5 from Region 4
                 Indiana: To Region 6 from Region 4

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Shea-Hepner, Starbuck and Williams. No: None. Absent: Greenberg.

Showing in the Correct Class Responsibility of the Show Secretary
Although Paragraph B.1.b.(1) of the Show Rules says that the Show Secretary is to check the original NPGA registration papers prior to the goat being shown to ensure that each goat has been entered in the correct age class and division, a discussion ensued on shifting the ultimate responsibility to the exhibitor. 

Motion 2002-18                 Passed                 Proposed by: Guenther/Bond

Paragraph B3 be added to the Show Rules, entitled Exhibitor Responsibilities: It is the ultimate responsibility of the exhibitor that the exhibitor’s goat(s) is/are entered and shown in the correct age class and division.

Yes: Bishop, Bond, Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Shea-Hepner and Williams. No: None. Absent: Greenberg and Starbuck.

HER Committee to Put Herd Testing Results on Website
This agenda item sought to put testing results from herds that choose to test on the Breeders List on the Website. There was no appetite to pursue this agenda item.

Proof of Offspring
A scenario was described at a recently held show in which a progeny sticker on a particular goat’s registration papers was said to be the only acceptable evidence of offspring for a buck to compete for his fourth win. The Board discussed other acceptable evidence of offspring – presence at the show of other registration papers listing offspring of the goat in question, portable computers with internet capability to check NPGA’s online herdbook, etc. The Board decided that Show Rule H3 was sufficient; no new rules were needed. Business Manager Lowell is to write a Memo article regarding progeny stickers and evidence of offspring.

Criteria for Committee Members
Director Starbuck initiated this discussion with specific reference to the Judges Training Committee, and its composition of new and less experienced judges. 

Closed Session 

Merchandise Department Report
Field kits are coming back in. Merchandise is looking for new sales persons around the country. Future shipping increases may cause an increase in shipping and handling rates. These costs will be monitored, but left alone for the time being. Jim Huber currently gets 15% of net sales. The report was accepted.

January 2003 Board Meeting Site
The cities mentioned in January were: Las Vegas, Phoenix, Atlanta, and some cities in Florida. No sites have been looked into yet. An informal poll resulted in Las Vegas outvoting Orlando, FL. Lane Kress would be asked to set up the Las Vegas meeting.

The meeting was adjourned for the day at 6:40 PM.

* * * * * * * * * *

Friday, June 21, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 9:10 AM by President Bobbie Montgomery. All directors were present except Susan Greenberg. Also present was Business Manager Dori Lowell.

Judges Training Committee Report
Chair Yates advised the Board that he would like to initiate an annual one day training session for existing judges. It would be mandatory for judges to attend once every three years; they would be proctored by a JTC member in his/her area of the country. He proposes to reimburse the JTC member’s expenses; the judges would attend at their own expense. The goats would be drawn from local farms/ranches. The rationale for this proposal is that the Judges Training Seminars at conventions concentrate on judge candidates, their training and testing. This proposal drew a variety of comments from the Board:

  • Won’t work in certain areas of the country; not enough farms and goats.

  • “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Some JTS’s have been great, others were terrible disasters. Build on the good ones, rather than build a new program.

  • At the January 2003 Board meeting, proposed expenses should be submitted for consideration for the budget.

  • Mandatory meetings used to be held on Sunday PM before the JTS where education and updates to rules were provided. Judges participated in the JTS, rather than sit in the stands and observe.

  • What we hear from our members is that we have untrained judges with consistency problems. Training is needed.

  • Chair Yates was selected because of new ideas he would bring to the JTC. Any money spent would be well worth it. He should be supported with his new ideas.

Chair Yates advised that at the JTS this year, the JTC members would pick the classes. Mostly, judges in attendance just watch anyway. He has jobs for the judges, including acting as advisors at the different stations.

Director Starbuck advised that the Breed Standard has language in it about markings being seriously faulted. He said that the Standard might be re-visited to remove the word “serious.” Some judges disqualify. The faulting sheet needs to follow the Standard; the faulting sheet can’t just be changed. Chair Yates advised that markings would be a part of this year’s JTS. He also said that markings must be taken in context of the whole animal. 

Director Clark brought up an agendized item, described as an ethics issue on the exhibitor: an exhibitor should not be able to show an animal at an open, sanctioned show bearing the herd name of the judge. Wethers and 4-H shows should be excluded. This proposal follows the rules for the Nationals under Show Rules I.1.a. A discussion followed both pro and con. 

Motion 2002-19                 Passed                 Proposed by: Carpenter/Clark

The following be added to show rules B.3.b: Exhibitors shall not show any doe or buck in an NPGA-sanctioned show with the herdname(s) of the judge who is judging that show. This does not apply to wethers or unregistered classes or non-sanctioned 4-H/Youth shows. Effective January 1, 2003.

Yes: Carpenter, Clark, Granger, Guenther, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Mertens, Shea-Hepner and Williams. No: Kerous and Starbuck. Abstain: Bishop and Bond. Absent: Greenberg.

Director Starbuck brought up the issue of a dress code for judges. Chair Yates thinks judges should dress according to the area where the show is, but look professional. He thinks that sandals, shorts, blue jeans and non-collared T-shirts should not be allowed. Director Hoyt said that he believed that the Board should not be put into a position, nor can they be, to regulate the particular dress code issues. The Board should hold the JTC chair responsible for making sure that our judge corps dresses professionally and appropriately. The report was accepted.

Judge’s Code of Ethics
Director Bishop advised that there had been a change to the Judge’s Code of Ethics regarding the showing or holding of goats which was not disseminated to all judges. It was agreed that updates to manuals should be disseminated to all.

Breed Standard Committee Report
Chair Starbuck requested that paragraph three of his report be deleted. This paragraph had to do with recommended changes to the faulting sheet. The report was accepted as modified. 

Sexual Harassment Training Program
In compliance with Rules and Regulations, Paragraph 1(L), Director Hoyt read into the record that Directors Granger, Hamilton, Henwood, Kerous and Williams have all completed this program either at an NPGA function or at some other place. All sitting directors, as of the date of this meeting, are in compliance with this requirement.

NPGA Convention 2003 Bids
Two bids were received for Convention 2003:

1. Jim and Diana Dowdy, on behalf of the Rocky Mountain Pygmy Goat Club, bid for June 19-24, at the Western Idaho Fairgrounds, Boise, Idaho. Their theme would be: “Rocky Mountain Rendezvous.” They provided material to the Board with audio-visual assistance on the area, facilities, etc.

2. Dori Lowell and Debbie Bond, on behalf of the Evergreen Pygmy Goat Association, bid for June 26-July 1, at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Monroe, Washington. Their theme would be: “EVERGREEN FUN! Mountain Slopes, Ferry Boats, And Pygmy Goats!” They also provided material to the Board with audio-visual assistance on the area, facilities, etc.

Closed Session 

Convention 2003 Winner
It was announced that the Rocky Mountain Pygmy Goat Club had won the bid to host the 2003 Convention.

Closed Session

The meeting was adjourned at 12:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ray Hoyt
NPGA Secretary 


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