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NPGA Board of Directors Meeting
Boise, Idaho
June 19-20, 2003

Thursday, June 19, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 8:15 AM by President Bill Granger. Present were President Bill Granger, Vice President Ray Hoyt, Secretary Linda Henwood, Treasurer Aaron Esterline, Directors Mark Adkins, Debbie Bond, Wayne Clark, Lynda Gredin, Stacy Hamilton, Sue Kerous, Red Mertens, Bobbie Montgomery, Susan Seiler, and Carol Shea-Hepner, and Business Manager Dori Lowell.

Pres. Granger had everyone in attendance introduce themselves and which region they represented.

Vice President’s Report
Vice President Hoyt reported that he had sent a report with all Committee Reports to the Board and asked for questions and comments. All committee reports were received within the time frame requested except three. President Granger noted that submission of Committee Reports by the required date is the job of the Committee Chair and all reports should be received on time.

Secretary’s Report
The minutes of the January 2003 Board Meeting were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Esterline advised the projected budget for 2003 is $26,000 in the hole. He then listed suggested changes the Eboard has been working on and their recommendations to the full Board of Directors on implementing those changes, which include some increases in fees and some reductions in expenses. President Granger clarified that the $26,000 budget shortfall was due primarily to previous Memo expenses.

Central Office Report

  • Business Manager Lowell elaborated on issues presented in the previously provided Central Office Report to the Board January 1 through May 15, 2003.

  • Business Manager Lowell had a meeting with an attorney in Seattle, as requested by the Board, and passed out a letter from Attorney James H. Jones, Jr., regarding NPGA problems and procedures discussed, including an application process for Judges. It was recommended by the attorney that we change our procedures and require an application process.

  • Business Manager Lowell realized in talking to the attorney that she doesn’t have the necessary information on procedures of various committees, i.e., Judges Training Committee, etc., to be able to provide all the information necessary when needed. A Procedures Manual containing the specifics of each job needs to be created and kept at the Central Office.

  • It was also brought up that the Business Manager at times needs knowledge of items the Board has discussed in closed session and needs to be present at all times during the Board Meetings to properly perform her duties, that the Business Manager is the stable and constant position with NPGA and the Board of Directors changes. The Bylaws provide: “The Business Manager shall not be eligible for election to the Board of Directors but shall be present at the Board Meetings as a nonvoting participant.” A section will be added to the Business Manager Job Description stating: “Business Manager shall attend all meetings of the Board unless discussion pertains to Business Manager salary or other financial business of the office.”

  • Discussion of the auctioning of the National Champion Trophies and the need for a permanent record of National Champions both in the Central Office and with the Show Committee. Business Manager Lowell has a permanent record of National Champions. It was noted by President Granger that a record of everything ever done by NPGA needs to be kept at Central Office, i.e., JTC Dress Code, etc.

  • Business Manager Lowell and Show Chair, Jewel Floch, will work on preparation of a Report of Awards for National Champions and present it to the Board at the January 2004 Meeting for approval.

  • There was discussion of issues primarily in California with 4-H rules and fair rules requiring goats be transferred just to the child’s name entering the goat. There are breeders who transfer goats to a child for purposes of showing to meet the fair requirements, and then the goat needs to be transferred back to the breeder each time it’s bred so the offspring will be in the name of the breeder who actually owns the goat. The Board decided to make no changes in the existing transfer procedure.

  • The report was accepted.

Merchandise Report

  • Page 3 of the report reflects the inventory report through approximately the end of May 2003 as requested by the Board at the January 2003 Meeting.

  • Treasurer Esterline advised Jim Huber tries to keep the inventory current in order to make a profit. Old inventory is mostly Coloring Books. It was decided to put on the NGPA Web Site that Coloring Books will be sent free of charge and that only shipping costs will need to be paid.

  • The report was accepted.

Webmaster Report

  • There have been 14,000 unique visitors to the web site in the two months since it’s inception. There have been over 100 orders totaling approximately $3,000. There have been close to 30 new members joining on line.

  • Only three-quarters of the Judges responded with updates as requested for the web site.

  • Discussion of requirement of Webmaster to supply Board with printed web site pages. The size of the entire site would be too great so it was decided a copy of the home page would be sufficient.

  • NPGA does not have a current Webmaster agreement. Job descriptions are to be revised to provide the job holder to sign that they agree to perform the duties reflected in the job description and this will suffice as the agreement between NPGA and the Webmaster.

  • The report was accepted.

Memo Report

  • Darren Conerly was present. The Board expressed and conveyed to Darren Conerly that he’s done a wonderful job as the temporary Memo Editor with very little to work with.

  • Darren Conerly stated that the only problem he’s had is with actual printing, but that’s been resolved. There’s been a good response from advertisers. The front and back covers, inside and out, are set for another couple issues, There’s been a good response with articles. Memo is caught up with the backlog of shows and will be more balanced in the future between shows and other articles and information.

Closed Session

The Memo report was accepted.

Treasurer Esterline read the list of suggested fee revisions and other changes effecting the budget.  The following changes were adopted by the Board either by Motion or vote of hands.

  • Require a template provided by the Memo Editor for the local show secretary/chair to type the show results. Show results will not be printed in Memo unless sent in template form.

  • NPGA to pay the Memo Editor $25.00 per event.

  • One issue of Memo will be cut in 2003. It will be the Harvest or Winter issue. There will be a black and white cover unless the advertising on the cover pays for a color cover.

  • The cost of the remaining 2003 issues with be kept to $7,500.00 each.

  • Raise Doe registration fees by $2.00 to $6.00, members only, effective October 1, 2003.

  • Raise Buck registration fees by $4.00 to $10.00, effective October 1, 2003.

  • Raise Wethers $2.00 to $4.00, members only. Non members $5.00. Effective October 1, 2003.

  • Raise transfer fees $1.00 to $4.00, effective October 1, 2003.

  • Raise certificate corrections and duplicate certificates $1.00 to $3.00 each, effective October 1, 2003.

  • Raise Youth membership from $15.00 to $20.00, effective October 1, 2003.

  • Raise Business membership from $25.00 to $35.00, effective October 1, 2003.

  • Raise Senior membership from $15.00 to $25.00, effective October 1, 2003.

  • Raise sanction fees on bucks and does $10.00 per show to $55.00, effective January 1, 2004, for shows sanctioned in 2004.

  • Raise wether ribbons $10.00 per set to $16.50 per set effective January 1, 2004, for ribbons ordered in 2004.

  • All Merchandise has been raised by $1.00 per item.

  • Decrease stipend by $75.00 to $75.00, effective January 1, 2004. The Rules and Regulations would have to be amended to reflect this change.

Motion 2003-04Passed Proposed by: Esterline/Adkins

Rules and Regulations 4.L.2 be modified as follows:

Stipend for Directors, JTC, and the Merchandise Department Head will be handled as follows: Directors will receive $75 for each Board Meeting; up to 5 JTC members and the chairperson will receive $75 for the annual JTC training seminar; and the Merchandise Department Head will receive $75 for attendance at the annual convention.

Yes: Adkins, Bond, Esterline, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Mertens, Montgomery, Seiler. No: Clark, Gredin, Kerous, Shea-Hepner. Absent: Greenberg, Williams.

Motion 2003-05 Passed Proposed by: Esterline/Gredin

Rules and Regulations 4.M be modified as follows:

3. Senior Citizen (65+): Initial dues of $25.00 and subsequent annual dues of $25.00
4. Youth (18 or younger): Initial dues of $20.00 and subsequent annual dues of $20.00
10. Business Member: Initial dues of $35.00 and subsequent annual dues of $35.00

Yes: Adkins, Bond, Clark, Esterline, Gredin, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Montgomery, Seiler, Shea-Hepner. No: None Absent: Greenberg, Williams.

Motion 2003-06 Passed Proposed by: Esterline/Hoyt

Rules for Official Shows A.3 be modified as follows:

The sanction fee is Fifty-five dollars ($55.00) ea. when the application for sanction is postmarked to NPGA at least 45 days prior to the show (Forty dollars ($40.00) ea. 4-H or Restricted). Eighty-five ($85.00) ea. when postmarked between 22 and 45 days prior to the show (Fifty-five dollars ($55.00) ea. 4-H or Restricted), and One hundred ten dollars ($110.00) ea. when postmarked 21 days or less prior to the show. This fee covers NPGA rosettes for Junior, Senior and Grand Champions and Reserve Junior, Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champions.

Yes: Adkins, Bond, Clark, Esterline, Gredin, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Seiler. No. Montgomery, Shea-Hepner. Absent: Greenberg, Williams.

Darren Conerly was formally advised by President Granger he was selected as Memo Editor.

Affiliated Clubs
The report was accepted.

Breed Standard
Pres. Granger will contact the Chair regarding several pending issues not addressed in the report .

JTC Chair Kim Yates requested that the Breed Standard Committee be directed to prepare a more definitive description of colors and markings to reduce the grey area judges are being forced to work with. The JTC can then train judges incorporating that information.

The Board discussed committee chairs being volunteers and basically in for life tenure. We have no policy or provision to deal with the situation. Since they are volunteers, the Board has not pressured them to do what they are supposed to do.

Receipt of the Breed Standard Report was acknowledged.

Certification Committee
Chair, Dori Lowell, briefly outlined the progeny procedure to the Board. The Certification Committee will review the progeny procedure and make any recommendations that may be required for updating or clarifying the procedure and present such recommendations to the Board in January 2004 so the procedure may be officially adopted by the Board.

The report was accepted.

Judges Training
A rough draft of the revised Showmanship Manual was presented. JTC put out requests to other people, but did not get constructive input. The only responses they received were from people who thought they could do it better themselves.

Chairman Yates advised the Board that he would like to prepare a showmanship video.
There was discussion of the recommended Judge’s Dress Code. It was noted that in the June 2002 Board Minutes, “The Board should hold the JTC chair responsible for making sure that our judge corps dresses professionally and appropriately.” JTC procedures need to be written in a manual. Prior to committee reports being submitted to the Board, they must have the majority concurrence of the committee after all have been consulted. Chairman Yates advised that standard procedure in the past was that the JTC Chair made all decisions. The draft of the Showmanship Manual is to be given to the entire JTC for approval and revision and then to the Publications Committee for review and to be presented to the Board for acceptance in January with an estimate of the cost of printing it. Darren Conerly suggests doing the Showmanship Manual on the web site in PDF form. This will be further discussed at the January Board Meeting.

National Champion Scoring
Show Rule I. 1,(1) provides “The goat with the most first places will be the National Champion.”  The Board requested the JTC Chair, Kim Yates, to work with his committee and make a recommendation to the Board for the January 2004 Board Meeting on National Champion scoring.

Receipt of the JTC Report was acknowledged.

The report included a copy of the nominations sheet being sent to Memo. Three directors listed on the sheet are electing not to run for election.
The report was accepted.

Public Relations
The magazine NPGA had an exchange ad agreement with has been sold. It is unknown the outcome of that exchange ad at this time.
The report was accepted.

The Publications Committee has been very active with the Memo Editor opening, Memo schedule, the Roster and NPGA’s new web site.
The report was accepted.

Show Committee
The new certificates representing the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum wether medallions were shown by Vice President Hoyt. They are now being sent out to the wethers that have earned them. There was a discussion regarding putting a cap on the number of wins each wether can have. The Board decided to take no action.  The report was accepted.

Closed Session

Clarification of Dues Policy for Directors, Judges and Committee Chairs, penalties for being delinquent. Vice President Hoyt advises that all are now on notice that if October 1st dues are not paid by the end of that calendar quarter, i.,e., December 31st, the membership is automatically terminated. This is not an option. Judge’s licenses will be revoked and a judge must retest to obtain a new license. There will be no exceptions. Beginning 2003 this is final. Memo will publish the notice one more time with a bold reminder.

The issue of membership dues reminders was discussed. Business Manager Lowell stated that membership dues reminders are sent out to all members.

All references to Archivist/Historian are to be deleted. Director Montgomery talked to the current Archivist and will be able to retrieve the records in August. There are original items on NPGA, how NPGA started, information on original imports, a complete set of MEMO, lots of past Minutes. There are approximately 26 boxes. Director Montgomery will itemize all the items and it will be decided at that time what to retain and forward to the Central Office.

Motion 2003-07 Passed Proposed by: Hoyt/Hamilton

Rules & Regulations, paragraph 10 I. be amended to read:

“The current year ballots and two previous year’s ballots will be stored at the Central Office. Prior year’s ballots will be destroyed.”

Yes: Adkins, Clark, Esterline, Gredin, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Montgomery, Seiler, Shea-Hepner Absent: Bond, Greenberg, Williams

Due to the abolition of the position of Archivist/Historian and the passing of the archiving records to the Business Manager, new guidelines for those responsibilities will be added to the Business Manager’s contract. All references to Archivist/Historian will be changed to “Business Manager” in the Job Descriptions of the Vice President and Secretary/ The reference to Archivist/Historian in the Committee Chairs Job Description shall be changed to “Vice President.”

Vacancy Replacement Director
Discussion of agenda item regarding Vacancy Replacement Director Selection. This would require a Bylaws change. The proposed change is:



A vacancy replacement director will be elected in each region. This director will be inactive unless it becomes necessary to fill a vacancy on the Board as defined in Section 4.7 of the Bylaws. If utilized to fill a vacancy, the vacancy replacement director shall hold office for the expired term of his/her predecessor. The vacancy replacement director term will be two years.

This proposed change will be voted on at the January 2004 Board meeting.

The proposed Rules and Regulations change regarding Vacancy Replacement Director is tabled to the January 2004 Board Meeting.

Vice President Hoyt explains the reason for the agenda item requiring Committee Chairs to sign off on their job descriptions (both the NPGA Committee Chairs job description and the individual job description for their respective committee) that they have read, understand and will comply, is to give NPGA and the Committee Chairs an understanding and agreement of their job duties and responsibilities. If the Committee Chair then does not perform those duties and responsibilities NPGA would have a basis to remove them and appoint a new committee chair. Any time a job description is revised the committee chair would sign and date the revised document.

Motion 2003-08 Passed Proposed by: Hoyt/Montgomery

Rules and Regulations paragraph 7.C. be amended as follows:
1. The text of paragraph 7.C. be re-designated 7.C.1.
2. A new paragraph 7.C.2. be added as follows:

“Committee chairs shall sign a statement at the bottom of both the NPGA Committee Chairs job description and the particular job description for their respective committees that they have read, understand and will comply with their job descriptions.”

Yes: Adkins, Bond, Clark, Esterline, Gredin, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Montgomery, Seiler, Shea-Hepner. No: None Absent: Greenberg, Williams.

The agenda item regarding exempting the Arbitration Committee Chair from reporting committee members and their rotation schedules is to change 7. A. of the Rules and Regulations and Paragraph 8. of the Committee Chairs Job Description to be consistent with the Arbitration Job Description where the exemption already appears.

Motion 2003-09 Passed Proposed by: Hoyt/Hepner

Rules and Regulations paragraph 7.A be amended as follows:

“All chairpersons, with the exception of the Arbitration Committee Chair, will provide names of all committee members . . .”

Yes: Adkins, Bond, Clark, Esterline, Gredin, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Montgomery, Seiler, Shea-Hepner. No: None Absent: Greenberg, Williams.

Vice President Hoyt presented and read a draft of an Application for Judges. The attorney, James H. Jones, Jr., advised that this was needed so we can have a way to deal with circumstances such as were presented at the last Board Meeting. The application would include the vital statistics of the applicant, i.e., name, address, etc., NPGA Member #, Herd Name(s); question as whether ever convicted of a felony and the disposition of that conviction and a certification that the information given is true and correct, that untrue or incomplete information may be grounds for denial of the application. The application would further contain an understanding and acceptance of the testing requirements as taken from the NPGA Rules and Regulations, and again a signature of the applicant and a witness.

NPGA needs to consider who to give licenses to and list those felonies that would preclude an applicant from becoming a judge. Business Manager Lowell has other applications from other organizations and will work with Vice President Hoyt on a workable and legal application to present to the Board for consideration at the January 2004 Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned for the day at 6:05 PM.

* * * * * * * * * *

Friday, June 20, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 AM by President Bill Granger. All directors were present except Susan Greenberg and Barbara Williams. Also present was Business Manager Dori Lowell.

It was requested at the January 2003 Board Meeting that a records and files inventory be submitted by every chair. Vice President Hoyt got response from almost all chairs. Most had manageable amounts of stuff. Most advised they had not received any materials from their predecessor and had started pretty much from zero. President Granger expressed that the concern is that if something were to happen to a chair of a committee that might result in the loss of vital information that is available no where else in NPGA. The committee chairs were provided with a questionnaire on one piece of paper with questions such as was the information confidential, is it used in performance of your job duties. Vice President Hoyt will make a master compilation of this information for presentation to the Board at the January 2004 Board meeting.

Under new business Director Gredin gave an explanation of the idea of Judges picking JTC members and read various correspondence she had received on the subject. There appeared to be concern that one member on JTC could stop one candidate from ever passing JTC. JTC Chair Kim Yates answered no, that was not possible with the method of scoring and proceeded to explain to the Board the method of scoring JTC candidates. A concern of the Board was that the judges picking JTC chair and members would become a popularity contest among the judges and it was mentioned that judges fight among themselves and resent JTC. It was felt that the JTC Chair was the most difficult job NPGA has as the Chair must exert authority. If the authority is reasonable and not adhered to, then it should be brought to the Board by the JTC Chair and the Board will deal with it. It was pointed out that JTC has been in turmoil for some time prior to the current JTC Chair and Kim Yates advised that it is a work in progress and it is improving. President Granger stated that he took the judge’s test last year and that the current committee was thorough, professional and helped a great deal.

By a show of hands the directors expressed no desire to change the current method of appointment of the JTC Chair by the Board of Directors.

President Granger did ask the JTC Chair, Kim Yates, not to implement the updated dress code immediately and run it back through the committee and present it to the Board at the January 2004 Meeting.

NPGA pays for 5 JTC committee members closest to convention. Chairman Yates is looking to add new people to his committee.

Herdnames and Tattoo Prefix
There was discussion regarding which herdname and tattoo prefix would be on kids born from a bred doe sold before kidding, seller or buyer. Business Manager Lowell advised that the herdname must be that of the seller of the bred doe but the tattoo can be either the buyer’s tattoo prefix or the seller’s tattoo prefix. She can trace any animal back from its tattoo. Business Manager Lowell at this time has the information on a piece of paper for registering an animal in the herdname of the seller and the tattoo prefix can be from either the buyer or seller but requests that it be made official in the Rules and Regulations. Director Montgomery stated it should be added to Rules and Regulations 4. Central Office.

Motion 2003-10 Passed Proposed by: Hoyt/Seiler

Rules and Regulations paragraph 4. F. be amended as follows:

1. The text of paragraph 4.F. be redesignated 4.F.(1).
2. A new paragraph 4.F.(2) be added as follows:
“Kids born from a bred doe which is sold shall be registered with the herdname of the breeder at the time of conception. The assigned tattoo prefix may be either the breeder or owner at birth.”

Yes: Adkins, Bond, Clark, Esterline, Gredin, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Montgomery, Seiler, Shea-Hepner. No: None Absent: Greenberg, Williams.

Certificate of Productivity
Director Adkins brought up that some breeders didn’t feel the + behind a productive doe would mean as much to them as a Certificate of Productivity. Business Manager Lowell said a Certificate of Productivity could be produced at a cost of $3.00. The certificate will be different than the original Certificate of Registration and will be available by September 1st, 2003.

Motion 2003-11 Passed Proposed by: Adkins/Clark

We amend Rules and Regulations 4. E. to remove “upon request from its owner”. A new sentence added at the end of paragraph: “A Certificate of Productivity can be obtained for a doe that has produced 10 registered kids for a fee of Three Dollars ($3.00).”

Yes: Adkins, Bond, Clark, Esterline, Gredin, Hamilton, Henwood, Hoyt, Kerous, Mertens, Montgomery, Seiler, Shea-Hepner. No: None Absent: Greenberg, Williams.

Amend Merchandise Department Head Job Description
Vice President Hoyt cited language that would clarify the language in the Merchandise Department Head Job Description. Paragraph 14 will be amended to read as follows:
“14. Submits a written Department report to the Vice President one month prior to each Board Meeting; the January report will include a financial statement for the previous year and forecast for the upcoming year.” The Board agreed to this amendment

There was a discussion of coloring or painting animals for show. It was noted that possibly this is also a problem in selling an animal, which is basically covered in the Code of Ethics. JTC Chair, Kim Yates, noted that when a judge sees paint, etc., the judge should just consider it as a mismark. Chairperson Yates feels it is not a common occurrence, but will run it past his committee and put in his report to the Board in January.

Chain of Command/Organization Chart
The Organization Chart was reviewed. The assumption is that the committee chairs are supervised/managed by the Vice President. The Vice President Job Description says “Acts as liaison between all committee chairs, task force heads and the Board.” That is not the same as providing close supervision of committee chairs. The question is, for whom do they work? We have an organizational chart that shows all committee chairs link to the Vice President but the job description doesn’t say that. Should we put in writing who chairs are answerable to? Currently it’s not specific what we do. Do task force heads and committee chairs report to someone? And if that someone exerts force over them do they have the power to make them perform. Director Montgomery pointed out that the President’s Job Description provides: “Reaffirms or appoints committee chairs based on the Vice-President’s recommendations – to be approved by the full Board. Gives reasons for appointment with request for approval”.

Treasurer Esterline advised that he talks to the Merchandise Head weekly. That it’s not clear who each department reports to, and it’s unclear enough that that work needs to be done on how it all fits together in the organizational chart.

President Granger pointed out all this brings us to the need of hiring an Executive Director to run NPGA. All committee chairs could report to this person who would work for the Board. There was discussion with Business Manager Lowell whether taking on this position would take much time away from the Registry if she were our
choice. She is willing to take on this position in addition to Business Manager and stated if necessary could hire limited part time help to do office work, but doesn’t feel at this time she would need any. The title for the position might be Executive Director or some other appropriate title. The Board feels all NPGA materials should be stored at the Central Office, including judges’ tests, contracts for convention, committee reports, agreements, applications, etc. At some point this is going to require a storage unit for Central Office. Having all NPGA materials at Central Office and with an Executive Director would bring continuity to NPGA. The Board would say to Dori Lowell, “these are the goals you lay out for the chairs, track them and report to the Board. Directors Montgomery, Hoyt and Esterline will work with the Business Manager and prepare proposed language for amending the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and Job Descriptions for the Board to consider.

NPGA Convention 2004 Bid
Red Mertens and Stacy Hamilton, representing Region 7, presented a bid for the 2004 NPGA Convention on behalf of Kids at Heart Pygmy Goat Club, Little Rascals Pygmy Goat Club, Te Cabri Pygmy Goat Club, Tejas Goat Club, United Pygmy Goat Club and Unique Petites Pygmy Goat Club, representing the States of Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi , with membership reaching beyond Region 7 into the States of Oklahoma and Florida. The Board unanimously voted to hold the 2004 NPGA Convention June 9-15, 2004 in Shreveport, Louisiana. The host locations will be the State Fairgrounds show arena and the Holiday Inn – Financial Plaza. The theme of the convention will be “Bringing us Together in 2004”, with the theme colors being red, white and blue.

NPGA will be responsible for the following expenses:

  • Labels will be supplied by the Central Office for the entire NPGA membership for a mailing provided by the Shreveport-Bossiers Visitors Bureau.

  • Sanction fees for the shows.

  • NPGA National Champion Trophies

Committee Member Terms
Vice President Hoyt had requested that all Committee Chairs report on the year their committee members’ terms expire, rather than month and year. All Committee Chairs have agreed to report their rotation schedules by year only; no rule changes are needed

Wins at Restricted Shows
Linda Carpenter, who was sitting in on the Board meeting, pointed out that animals that get restricted wins do not count as full wins and can continue to show until they get two full wins under one judge. Jewel Floch, Show Chair, is to work up some clarifying language regarding restricted wins for the Show Rules, send it through her committee, and present it to the Board at the January 2004 Board Meeting for clarification. This would also apply to a doe with a 1/3 win as a junior being shown again as a junior.

The Board directed the JTC Chair to instruct the judges who award restricted wins to so indicate on the back of the registration papers. Also instruct them to indicate if a win is as a Senior, Junior or Reserve Senior (by default).

A win by a Best Wether at a Restricted Show counts as a full win.

It was felt there was no action necessary on Agenda items VII I.5. and VII J., K. and L. under New Business.

Closed Session

January 2004 Board Meeting Site
The cities discussed were Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas, Phoenix, and Nashville. In an informal poll Orlando, Florida, was selected as the site for the January 2004 Board Meeting. Lane Kress would be asked to set up the Orlando meeting.

There was further discussion of what to do if we have problems with committee chairs not doing their jobs. It is the right thing to do to change committee chairs that don’t perform. We’re going to track committee chair performance and replace if necessary.

Director Mertens presented an issue brought to his attention by a woman from Arkansas who has AGS registered animals only. AGS recognizes NPGA registered animals to show in AGS shows. She would like NPGA to recognize AGS registered animals in NPGA shows. Animals must be registered NPGA to show in open NPGA shows. Director Mertens was advised to tell her she would need to register her animals with NPGA, perhaps through progeny.

The subject of using the pygmy goat as a service animal was brought up. There was no further discussion.

Animal Planet has a program called Pet Star. They are looking for pygmies who do special tricks. They fly the goat and owner to Hollywood if chosen. The animal may win up to $25,000.00.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Henwood


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