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NPGA Board of Directors Meeting
Shreveport, Louisiana
June 10-11, 2004

Thursday, June 10, 2004

President Aaron Esterline called the meeting to order at 8:02 AM.

Present were President Aaron Esterline, Vice President Ray Hoyt, Secretary Mark Adkins, Treasurer Linda Henwood, Directors Lynda Gredin, Mary-Beth Guenther, Joyce Hubbard, Red Mertens, John Murray, Andy Nash, Scott Noffsinger, Cheryl Rogers, Sue Seiler, and Business Manager Dori Lowell. Absent were Bill Granger, Carol Shea-Hepner, and Theresa McPhedran.

Pres. Esterline welcomed new Directors Scott Noffsinger and Cheryl Rogers to the Board.

Vice President’s Report
Vice President Hoyt had nothing new to report at this time.

Secretary’s Report
Secretary Adkins had distributed his report. Read into the record were two motions voted on after the Jan. Board Meeting. These were the approval of the minutes and the By-Law change of the term limits of Vacancy Replacement Directors under Article IV Directors and Officers, Section 4.2 Vacancy Replacement Directors. The change approved by the Board reduces the Vacancy Replacement Director term from six years to two years.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Henwood reported that as of April 2004 NPGA has a loss of approximately $7000. Most of the loss is due to the cost of MEMO.

Central Office Report
• Handout distributed to Board members with the latest figures through May 6th.
• The office was a bit slow for the early part of spring with an increase in workload starting in April.
• We are slightly behind last year in the number of registrations processed, but anticipating that will be caught up by summer.
• The only foreseeable large expense would be for another filing cabinet for additional items that will be stored at Central Office.
• A bid was received for the programming required to add a National Champion designation on the certificates. Donna Kohler has done our programming in the past and has indicated that it should only take 4-5 hours work to add and test the programming. This would run in the neighborhood of $150 - $200.
• I have not yet obtained the skeleton from Ellen Kritzman. The Skeleton is currently in the custody of Peggy Madonia. Moving the Skeleton from convention to convention would require significant planning and possible cost. I would like to discuss with the new JTC chair if this is something they would like to have before taking possession of it and then we would have to store it.
• Historically, we have prepared the annual roster as of March 1st every year. At least that was in place when I took over the office. Spring is the busiest time for the office, so I would like to propose that the 2005 Roster be cut as of February 1st instead. This will give me more time to organize files and collect data in preparation for the roster. This will be after the January meeting so the officers and any committee changes would be in place by then.
• The report was accepted.

Organization Study Committee Report
The committee has continued to discuss the structure of the organization, and recommended the following changes (attached as Exhibit A) to standing committees and departments of NPGA. In addition, these changes implement a formal “chain of command” for all positions, which the Board has implemented (either by employment, appointment, or contract).

In addition to the following changes to the Rules and Regulations, we have also completed updates to the Job Descriptions. We request that the Board implement these changes now, and then the person that each position reports to work with the head of each committee/department and the coordinators to define goals and verify that the job descriptions are as accurate as possible prior to the January 2005 Board Meeting.

Motion # 2004 – 16 Passed Proposed By Seiler/Hubbard

The Organization Study Committee report be adopted, including the Mission Statement, Organization Objectives, Committees (deleting Section H regarding the Certification Committee and renumbering the subsequent item) Coordinators and Departments. The recommendations regarding the judges replaces Sections 8 with the exception that Section A 3 be changed to reflect that the written test need not be repeated for two additional JTS’s held at regularly scheduled Conventions. The fees for the written test are increased to $25. The Arbitration Committee will be made up of a Committee Chairperson and three members of the Board.

All Rules and Regulations and Show Rules changes be amended to reflect the changes proposed by the Organization Study Report.

Yes: Adkins, Gredin, Guenther, Henwood, Hoyt, Hubbard, Mertens, Murray, Nash, Noffsinger, Rogers and Seiler. No: None Absent: Granger, Hepner and McPhedran.

Champion Challenge Report
The committee worked to develop a Champion Challenge class, which would have given wethers with 12 “Best Wether” awards an alternative in which to show instead of continuing to show in their regular part of the shows. The Board had no appetite to pursue this at this time. The following motion was made instead.

Motion # 2004 – 15 Passed Proposed By Gredin/Henwood

Modify Show Rule D 7 to read: After receiving 12 “Best Wether” recordings a wether is no longer eligible to compete for “Best Wether”. Effective January 1st 2005

Yes: Adkins, Gredin, Henwood, Hoyt, Hubbard, Mertens, Murray, Noffsinger and Seiler. No: Guenther, Nash and Rogers. Absent: Granger, Hepner and McPhedran.

Affiliated Clubs Report
Affiliated Clubs report was approved.

Arbitration Committee Report
Vice-President Hoyt advised that there is one arbitration case pending. The report was approved.

Breed Standard Committee Report
• The committee finished the changes to the Breed Standard as well as updating the Guidelines for Judging Pygmy Goats.
• There have been no inquiries from members so far this year.
President Esterline will inform the Chair that the color chart needs to be done by January 2005.
The report was accepted.

Certification Committee Report
No animals have been reviewed this period.
Progeny Division: We have received eleven new progeny applications since January 1st, 2004. This brings the current total of applications to 197 since June 1990. This is a significant increase over last year when we had 11 applicants for the entire year. We have had one goat complete the process and have been approved this year.
The report was accepted.

H.E.R. Committee Report
The Board acknowledged receipt of the report.

Judges Training Committee Report
• The Showmanship Manual has been approved and is now available.
• I worked with the Webmaster to set up and maintain an online “portal” for judges. Each judge has a unique user name and password to logon to the portal and has been it is his/her responsibility to regularly check the portal.
• I have notified all judges that communications will normally be sent via email, with important items also posted on and accessible from the judge’s portal. Judges have been advised in a timely manner of Board actions.
• I’ve started writing procedures for JTC activities, including written tests and Judges Training Seminar (JTS). The procedures will include basic requirements but also be flexible for conditions, especially at the JTS. This working guideline for the JTC Chairperson and JTC members should make future transitions much smoother. My goal is to have that manual completed by the end of this year.
• All judges were provided a list of suggested questions and requested to submit a personal information article to MEMO
• The JTC is reviewing and updating the Judges Training Handbook. When we are done we will send the handbook to all judges for comments before submitting the handbook to the Publications Committee for review. The goal is to have a revised handbook ready for Board approval at the January Board Meeting.
• Once the handbook has been updated, the written test will be revised to reflect the updated information as well as the Show Rules and Breed Standard changes made in the past several years. The revised written test will be used for the 2005 candidates for judges license (See Motion 2004-17).
• The Champion measurements (height/cannon) were added to the Report of Awards in 1992 to help with a HER Committee study to verify that our Breed Standard measurements were accurate and still appropriate for our breed. That study is long completed and there is no current use for those measurements. Pursuant to faults in the Guidelines for Judging Pygmy Goats, judges will continue to take measurements in the age class if an individual goat appears too tall/short or its cannon appears too long/short for its age and disqualify goats as applicable from their age classes. Therefore, we are proposing that the current requirement to measure the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion be discontinued and the Report of Awards revised accordingly.
• There have been rules made over the years by the JTC and/or Board that apply to judges and candidates. Unfortunately, these rules are not compiled together in one place that is readily available to judges, candidates, and the Board. Since the R&R are included in the annual Membership Roster and available on the NPGA website, all rules for judges and candidates should be combined and included in one section of the R&R.

Closed Session:

Linda Carpenter was appointed as the new JTC Chair.
The Board has directed that all judges will get one new Showmanship Manual free; each additional Manual will be $10.00.

Motion # 2004-17 Passed Proposed By Adkins/Mertens

Judge no longer measure the wither height and cannon bone length of Champion animals. Effective June 10th 2004.
B.2.d. be modified to remove “and the wither height and cannon length measurement are taken”
B.2.e. be modified to remove “and /or taking measurements”

Yes: Adkins, Gredin, Guenther, Henwood, Hoyt, Hubbard, Mertens, Murray, Nash, Noffsinger, Rogers and Seiler. No: None Absent: Granger, Hepner, and McPhedran.

Nominations Committee Report
• An accept/decline letter has been mailed to the six automatic nomination candidates to ascertain whether they intend to run for the next election.
• A form will be placed in MEMO for members to nominate people from their Region.
Report accepted.

Public Relations Committee Report
• Our committee has been working on getting camera-ready ads in place for our advertising campaign to begin. We will have three different ad layouts to work with, and will be made available in color and black &white formats. We currently have two ad exchange offers in the works. One with Kim Dewitt with Goat Magazine, and another with the Pygora Breeders Association. With the final changes being made to our ads everything will be in place by 5-12-04. I have been working with the ad people with Hobby Farms magazine, working out details in getting our ads in their publications. Our committee will be in contact with other publications to further pursue our advertising campaign.
• Our committee will be in contact with the Shreveport Convention and Visitors Bureau to help promote our convention in June.
• We would like to join with the Affiliated Clubs committee in searching for local clubs who have the financial means to join together in supplying the newly revised Showmanship Manual to local 4-H and FFA clubs. This will better prepare the children involved in these organizations for the local fairs and increase their knowledge of the Pygmy Goat.
It was suggested that the tri-fold information sheet be added to the website. The Report was approved.

Publications Committee Report
• As directed by the Board, the committee has continued to review articles prior to publication in MEMO.
• We have continued to review the goat pictures before they are added to the banner on the website.
• We reviewed the Showmanship Manual after the judges’ review and prior to the manual being sent to the Board for final approval.
The report was approved.

Show Committee Report
• Show listings are being sent to the MEMO, United Caprine News (that is a monthly newspaper) and to the Goat Magazine (which is a bi-monthly magazine).
• 6 wethers have earned the Platinum Certificate, 12 have earned the Silver and 67 have earned the Bronze Certificate.
• The Chapman’s will continue to make our National Champion trophies.
• The discrepancies that were noted in the last report have been corrected. We had three bucks that we could not determine a date or judge for one of their wins and have put unknown in the records. There were another 38 bucks with only 3 wins because of the requirements before 1986 and we have noted the win date to be 1/1/86 and in the judge column it is noted “before 1986”. Problem corrected.
Jewel Floch resigned as Show Committee Chair. Karen Lynch has been appointed as interim Chair. Report accepted.

Motion # 2004-20 Passed Proposed By Hubbard/Nash

Show Rule 6. 8. b read: The recorded Grand Champion of a restricted show shall record 1/3 credit toward a Grand Champion win. 3 credits shall equal a full Grand Champion win and the animal is no longer eligible to compete at a restricted show. Any junior animal receiving 1 full Grand Champion will not be eligible to compete until age requirements are met.
B.2.f the judge will also note if the win is at a restricted show.

Yes: Adkins, Gredin, Guenther, Henwood, Hoyt, Hubbard, Mertens, Murray, Nash, Noffsinger, Rogers and Seiler. No: None. Absent: Granger, Hepner and McPhedran.

Youth Committee Report
• From the Youth Section of MEMO, the ‘Why I Love Pygmies’ contest has completed and winning entries in all ages are being notified this week and final results and articles will be sent to the MEMO before the June 1, 2004, deadline for the next issue. The winners in each age group will be presented a gift certificate from NPGA.
• May 1st, 2004, was the deadline for the youth scholarship forms to be postmarked. I have received four and Fran Bishop is sending me some that came to her. I am waiting a week or so to make sure all mail is in. These entries will be sent to all NPGA Youth Committee members and 2 scholarships for $250.00 will be given to the most deserving entries.
• Darren Conerly has been great working with me to make sure we have something for the youth in each issue. Even without a contest, by advertising for information, pictures and little notes are starting to come in from youth all over the country.
• There was also a ‘Name the Easter Kids” contest that came out in the last issue and I have been receiving names in the mail this last week. Those will also go out to the committee for judging in the next few weeks.
• I have submitted an article and pictures about some of our new Alaska youth members that should appear in the next MEMO. I would like to do a representation from each region starting in next years MEMO’s if possible.
• If we can get some kind of schedule going so people know ahead of time what we are putting in that issue, I think we can get them excited about sending in information and reading that section also. I would like to see many of these articles and pictures appear in the youth section of the website.
Report approved.

Memo Report
• Show results continue to be sent in without being typed up on the templates. There are less than 10% that are actually typed up on the proper templates. Of the ones that are typed-up, over half are on the old templates (Jan’s) or are makeshift templates meant to look like the one that is freely provided. I’m still getting a steady increase in the number of people submitting their photos on disc. It’s still not a huge number but it does help. (President Esterline will advise the MEMO editor to return Show results that are not typed on the proper template).
• Advertising still remains hit or miss. It usually goes in spurts and the cover ads are still relatively hard to get. I have received a list of potential advertisers from Ray Hoyt to which I have contacted. I received mixed responses mainly due to many of the companies have a set budget for advertising and it would have to wait until their next fiscal year before they could even consider it. On the inside, advertising has remained pretty consistent except for the number of people in the breeder’s directory.
• Articles have been coming in small numbers. It has increased over the same time as last year yet still lacks the volume needed. There have been some very good articles submitted and I’m hoping people will see the benefits of this and start sending in their own. Now that I’m receiving other goat publications, I will be actively looking for articles that may apply to our NPGA members. Regional Reflections have been very spares and usually come from the same people.
• There are some great new ideas being implemented into MEMO that will help introduce to our members our judges. Linda Carpenter has brought back this idea so that all of our members can get to know a little more about who’s going to be judging your goats. I would still like to do the same thing with our Directors. Even though the Bios are in MEMO when you are running for election, it is brief and doesn’t cover a lot. I believe the people would love to know more about their representatives. The Youth Chair also has many great new ideas that are getting everything back on track and should spur a lot of excitement amongst the youth. The report was approved.

Motion # 2004 – 18 Passed Proposed By Mertens/Murray

Reduce the number of issues of MEMO to 4 instead of the 6 per year that we receive now. This will reduce cost significantly. The MEMO will still retain its color covers.

Yes: Adkins, Gredin, Guenther, Henwood, Hoyt, Hubbard, Mertens, Murray, Noffsinger, Rogers and Seiler.
No: Nash. Absent: Granger, Hepner and McPhedran.

Meeting Adjourned at 5:10 PM.

June 11th 2004

Meeting called to order by President Esterline at 8:13 AM. All the Directors were present except Bill Granger, Carol Hepner and Theresa McPhedran.

Convention Bid Presentation
The Keystone Pygmy Goat Club made a presentation to host the 2005 National Convention.

Closed Session:

Convention 2005 was awarded to the Keystone Pygmy Goat Club, to be held in Hagerstown Maryland, June 16th – 22nd, 2005.

Webmaster Report
• The breeder listing is updated in a timely manner (99 requests ytd.). The information displayed on the Breeders List has been updated as the Board directed in January.
• A special section has been created for judges, which allows them to login and see all communications that have been sent. It also has links to helpful resources (contracts, copies of report of awards, etc), and a form to submit contact information changes to the JTC Chair, MEMO Editor, Central Office and myself.
• Section titled “In Remembrance” was added to the website. Three members who have recently passed away are listed.
• Merchandise and memberships continue to sell very well on the website. Over $8000 has been collected through PayPal and 85 members have joined since January 1st.
• More people are visiting the site. Last year the average was +/- 5700 visitors per month. So far this year the average is +/- 7600 visitors per month.
Discussion of placing ads on the website. Classified ad’s: animals for sale need to have a registration number and the person advertising needs to be a member of NPGA.
Report accepted.

Merchandise Report
• We started this year with a bang! We are over $2,000.00 better than at this time last year. I really appreciate your promoting our merchandise.
• We have 4 new items for sale: Windbreakers in Forest Green, Hooded Sweatshirts in Royal Blue, Child T-Shirt in Light Blue and Pocket Knives.
New ideas for shirts were discussed.
The report was accepted.

Old Business
A. Examination of Bites at Shows. After some discussion this was withdrawn.
B. Establishing guidelines/video for JTS training. 2-3 hours of film time would be needed to edit down to a quality 30-minute video. The video should cover confirmation and training, it should be edited and dubbed with a voice over from a script written by the JTC. Linda Carpenter, Judy Starbuck and Mark Adkins will look into doing this. The cost would be between $2-5 thousand.
C. Adding a symbol for national champions to the registration and herd book. The symbol will be NATL.
D. Lowering the age of Senior Does to 18 months. This was a 50-50 issue with the membership. After some discussion this was withdrawn.
E. Trophy Top (Riser). Discussion was about NPGA offering a trophy top for sale. Andy Nash will get more details and price up $200 for a clay cast.

New Business
A. Reimbursement of JTC travel expenses. Discussion on how the 5 JTC members are picked for reimbursement for attending the annual JTS, which resulted in motion # 2004-19.

Motion # 2004-19 Passed Proposed By Adkins/Noffsinger

Rules and Regulations 4. L. 1b read JTC travel expense will be handled as follows: Up to 5 JTC member’s and the Chairperson will be reimbursed in full for transportation to the annual JTC training seminars. JTC members will notify the Chairperson 90 days prior to the annual JTS of their total travel expense. The five members with the lowest travel expense will be reimbursed. Up to $100 may be reimbursed for travel to and from departure and destination airports, to include airport-parking charges, utilizing the least expensive mode of transportation to be included in the total expense for attending. Car expense to be reimbursed at cents per mile pursuant to Federal Mileage Rate Reimbursement Chart, not to exceed lowest airfare verified from your area. Travel expense will include airline tickets obtained with “airline mileage award” credits with reimbursement not to exceed lowest verified airfare from your area.

Yes: Adkins, Gredin, Guenther, Henwood, Hoyt, Hubbard, Mertens, Murray, Nash, Noffsinger, Rogers and Seiler. No: None. Absent: Granger, Hepner and McPhedran.

B. Increase membership dues by $5.00 for all categories except youth, senior and business. This was withdrawn.
C. The illegal use of NPGA’s logo was discussed. It is up to the Directors and members of NPGA to keep an eye out for this illegal use of our logo and to report it to NPGA’s President.

Closed Session:

President Esterline brought up the fact that in 2006 NPGA will celebrate its 30th anniversary and asked that we all think of ways to celebrate it.

The meeting was adjourned for the day at 12:49 PM.

Respectfully Submitted
Mark Adkins
Secretary NPGA


Exhibit A

Organization Study
Approved by the NPGA Board of Directors
June 2004

Organization Mission
To support the Pygmy Goat in the United States by collecting and disseminating information, protecting the breed standard, and recording their lineage through our registry.

Organization Objectives
• Facilitate communication and cooperation among breeders and researchers;
• Encourage the breeding and registering of characteristic Pygmy Goats;
• Establish regional affiliate clubs;
• Gather and disseminate practical and theoretical knowledge of the Pygmy Goat;
• Promote and popularize the breed by exposure and through publications; and
• Facilitate the registration of certified Pygmy Goat seed stock and their offspring.

Organization Chart

Committees / Departments / Coordinators
Several standing committees have been removed, and instead the jobs will be done by a coordinator. These committees are: Affiliated Clubs, Nominations, and Shows. The Certification/Progeny committee is now a task included in the Business Manager’s contract vs. a standing committee. The Webmaster position is a member of the Publications committee with a separate job description instead of its own department. Details of these changes can be found in the updated Rules and Regulations, sections 6, 7, and 8.

Arbitration / Compliance
The Arbitration Procedure has been overhauled. Section 9 of the updated Rules and Regulations details the process of filing a complaint and how that complaint will be handled. The arbitration committee is composed of a chairperson and three members of the Board of Directors chosen by the chairperson each year.

The Board has also started the process of amending the By-Laws to reflect the change in the job description/title of the Arbitration Committee. This shall require By-Laws section 2.5.c to be changed as follows:
“Expulsion: A membership may be terminated by expulsion. Expulsion shall be made when the Board of Directors (by 2/3 vote) determines that such action is warranted by a complaint filed through the Compliance Procedure.”

At the same time the By-Laws are updated, the words “Arbitration Committee” will be replaced with “Compliance Committee” throughout the “COMPLIANCE PROCEDURE” section of the Rules and Regulations

The requirements for earning a judges license, renewing/maintaining a license, and discipline of judges were covered in more detail in section 10 of the updated Rules and Regulations.


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