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NPGA's Herdbook is available in several formats. 

The Online Version (internet connection required) is available to NPGA members only.  The data is updated at least once per month.  The first year, and subsequent annual renewal fee is $25.00.  A $2.00 fee is added if paying by PayPal.

Subscription Type
Membership Number

Note: NPGA will send a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address on your PayPal account.  This e-mail will provide all the information necessary to connect to the Online Herdbook.

The CD-Rom Version costs $75.00.  This version requires that you have a database or spreadsheet program (such as MS Access or MS Excel) to access the data.  Updates are available on request for $10.00.  A $2.00 fee is added if paying by PayPal.

CD-Rom Type
Current Version*

Note: NPGA will mail this product to the name and billing address on your PayPal account.  Please include any address changes and your telephone number in the notes section during the PayPal checkout.

The Printed Version is over 1500 pages organized by either registration number or name.  Yearly updates are available on March 1st of each year.  Check with the Central Office for availability.

You can print out and send a check or your credit card information to the Central Office, too.

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