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Membership in NPGA is open to all persons sharing the objectives, and subscribing to the policies, of the association as stated in the By-Laws.  There are several categories of membership to choose from.  All memberships include a complementary subscription to our quarterly magazine - The MEMO.

Join NPGA online or download the Membership Application.

Individual Individual over 14 years old, 1 vote $35
Family One or more people in the same household, 2 votes $45
Youth Individual under 18 years old, non-voting $25
Business 1 vote $55
Contributing All membership categories are eligible for contributing status.  In addition to the standard membership benefits, contributing members will receive Memo by first-class mail. Add

Regional Mailing Labels are available from the central office for $10 per region.  These labels may be used by NPGA members to send out show flyers or for director elections.


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