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NOTICE!!  The NPGA will be closing the herdbook on January 1, 2014.  Anyone wishing to process an animal through progenty testing must make their application and be accepted by this deadline.

Any animal showing Pygmy quality, within the proper size range and having proper breed-specific markings, will be allowed to participate in the progeny testing process.

The candidate's owner must join NPGA and maintain membership for the duration of the progeny testing.  Testing must be completed within four years.  Extensions will be allowed in special cases.

Fees are $25 for the initial application and a $150 processing fee to be paid in three equal installments as litters are submitted toward the candidate's progeny.

Doe candidates are required to submit ALL kids born from breedings to three different NPGA-registered bucks.  Bucks are required to submit a minimum of eight offspring from matings with at least four different NPGA-registered does.  When offspring reach six months of age, they can be submitted for credit toward the candidate's progeny.

After all offspring are submitted, the package will be rotated to eight Progeny Committee members for evaluation.  If approved, the candidate and any or all offspring may be registered at normal registration fees.  A herd name will be required to register the animals.

At the beginning and end of the process a reviewer will verify paperwork, tattoos and measurements before the application is submitted.  A list of reviewers is sent with each application.

To submit a candidate for progeny test, send $25 for an application to NPGA's Central Office.


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