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Before you can register animals with NPGA, you must register a herdname and tattoo.  This information will be used to identify the offspring of all animals that you have bred.

The herdname will be the first part of the goat's registered name.  The entire name is limited to 35 spaces and letters so be mindful when choosing a herdname.  If you don't already have a herdname and/or tattoo, you can check availability and apply online.

All applications for registration or transfer of ownership must be made through the US Postal mail.  There are no plans to accept this information electronically at this time.

Need help filling out the registration application?  We have a step-by-step guide to assist you.

To see what type of information you can get from our registration database, check out the Pedigree Information section, or purchase a version of the Herdbook.

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