The Pygmy Goat

The Pygmy Goat is hardy, alert and animated, good-natured and gregarious; a docile, responsive pet, a cooperative provider of milk, and an ecologically effective browser. The Pygmy goat is an asset in a wide variety of settings, and can adapt to virtually all climates.

Pygmy goats are precocious breeders, bearing one to four young every nine to twelve months after a five month gestation period. Does are usually bred for the first time at about twelve to eighteen months, although they may conceive as early as two months if care is not taken to separate them early from bucklings.

Newborn kids will nurse almost immediately, begin eating grain and roughage within a week, and are weaned by three months of age. Feeding and housing requirements for Pygmy goats are modest: a draft free 8′ x 10′ shed furnished with elevated sleeping and feeding places will accommodate four adult animals. An attached outside enclosure with at least 4′ high fencing will provide the fresh air and exercise these active, fun-loving goats need. They are very sociable and are happier in a herd atmosphere or with another goat as a friend. A basic diet of roughage in the form of legume and grass hay, bark, brush, and dry leaves [may need] to be supplemented.